Biz4Solutions: Mobile Applications Complementing IoT Deployments

Ashish Rangnekar, Co-Founder & CEO
“A ship in harbor is safe— but that is not what ships are built for.”—John A. Shedd, a prominent American author and professor.

An analogous credo is what sails the entrepreneurial ship of Ashish Rangnekar, Co-founder and CEO, Biz4Solutions, who has an audacious take on risks in businesses. His and Co-founder/CTO Jayant Kaduskar’s brainchild–Biz4Solutions follows the startup ethos and empowers its venture clients to overcome the toughest business challenges with optimal solutions. In context to Internet of Things (IoT), “With five years of experience in IoT based applications, we have developed a framework of our own called—Biz4Intellia offering real-time communication capabilities, data security, geo-location integration and much more,” begins Rangnekar. The company assists clients with its IoT solution that utilizes a mobile platform to capture data automatically and performs data analytics, reporting, location based tracking, and automation. “Our IoT solution embraces the reality of current Cloud Computing and Edge Cloud Architecture. It captures, monitors and visualizes data, and transforms the data into reports in real-time,” states the CEO.

As IoT continues to make inroads into every aspect of daily life, Biz4Solutions embraces the new wave of smart connected devices equipped with sensors and processing power. They conceptualize, design, and develop apps for the IoT devices for rendering real-time information. Orlando based company also deals with the major concerns pertinent to IoT like combating inadvertent or malicious bevy of security threats and lack of knowledge in adoption of IoT for development and deployment of connected products. Along these lines, Biz4Intellia platform offers in-built safe application ecosystem assisting the companies to build a quick prototype and proof of concept. “We are a mobile first company. IoT and mobile go hand in hand and we think our expertise is going to be a differentiator in this IoT space,” extols Rangnekar.

The permeation of the IoT is taking place into diverse industrial sectors. This diffusion is also beginning to make strides in the sports vertical. The concept of capturing data during a sports event is not new but the insightful data available today in real-time is what makes the difference.

Our IoT enabled solutions captures, monitors and visualizes data, and transforms it into reports for realtime communication

Addressing the need of real-time data in sports, Biz4Solutions helped build a Live Boxing app for one of its esteemed customers that helps with smarter training using customers patented sensors and a suite of applications. “Live Boxing is a chip installed in the boxer's gloves that will transmit data to determine the velocity, force and type of punch in real-time on any mobile device,” explains Rangnekar. This assists the users to keep track of their daily, weekly and monthly progress.

Besides sports, Biz4Solutions’ highly scalable and core IT framework solution also caters to water and chemical, transport, education and telecom industries. “Biz4Intellia is an IoT platform, customizable using various service modules. Its plug-and-play, a la carte approach makes its implementation easier for any developer,” adds Rangnekar. For one of its water and chemical industry clientele, Biz4Solutions developed a customized solution for mobile water testing to make real time test data for water samples available to technicians performing the test. The solution also included all-in-one water treatment related apps for real-time availability and process control to deliver end customer satisfaction. “Our sensor-based solution offered high quality control, monitoring and data acquisition for real-time diagnosis and analysis assisting the client to develop global control guidance,” illustrates Rangnekar.

In time to come, the company will continue to evolve and invest in the burgeoning IoT space. Biz4Solu-tions is working on technology solutions packed with reusable modules of multiple functionalities in the relatively untapped Oil and Gas IoT space.


Orlando, FL

Ashish Rangnekar, Co-Founder & CEO

Conceptualize, design and develop applications for wearable devices for real-time information