Bizagi: A BPM Suite that Infuses Agility into SAP

Gustavo Gomez, CEO
Being an entrepreneur who loves solving tough industrial problems, Gustavo Gómez, CEO of Bizagi notes that with over 24 percent of the ERP market share, SAP is a huge market worth over $25 billion—a leader within the ERP space. In this scenario, “Our customers often tell us that extending, integrating, and customizing in addition to upgrading SAP are their major challenges because of costs and timescales,” says Gomez. Such projects—whether driven by changing regulations or new business goals—need to be deployed faster to improve efficiency and customer service. This is where Bizagi Business Process Management (BPM) can add value, by connecting SAP business transactions with any application or process in a matter of weeks.

A ‘Process Glue’ that Ensures Business Agility

Bizagi provides the ‘process glue’ that solves customer’s problems in a unique way by leveraging the superior BPM suite. Not only that, it delivers an easy-to-use interface that allows business users to visualize all their processes and implement the changes with minimal coding. Bizagi’s SAP integration follows the exact same principle. Through an SAP Connector, users can query, create or update SAP records directly from any part of their BPM system, and interact with any SAP module, from ERP and CRM through to financials, accounting, sales or distribution.

The potential benefits are enormous. Consider the example of its customer, adidas. By connecting to SAP, the global sportswear brand has improved efficiencies in many areas of its business. In accounts payable, the staff can now quickly execute multiple real-time transactions. Perhaps most impressive is the Purchase Order Change Management process which allows the adidas team to retrieve and update PO information from Bizagi— eliminating 1 million emails per year.

Delivering Tangible Results through Innovation

The company invests 25 percent of their revenue in R&D, which they believe is significantly higher than their competitors.
Over 150 developers who are passionate about software usability ensure that Bizagi tools are as easy to use as the most popular social and B2C applications.

“This is why we have many customers downloading our Modeler and Studio, automating 100s of processes by themselves and only then contacting us to buy the execution licenses,” says Gomez. In addition, Bizagi offers the most comprehensive online training program and online support forums for free. The company’s mobility strategy is based on ‘model once, run anywhere’ concept, meaning that they can delivery results fast that run optimally on every modern device.

Model, Build, Run

Bizagi supports the full BPM lifecycle with BPM Suite platform that includes Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio, and Bizagi Engine. The journey starts with Bizagi Modeler, giving clients a structured and easy method to understand maps. This is where customers model, document, and simulate the processes. By cutting out technical jargon and providing intuitive graphical modeling tools, business users work with IT to design a complete process quickly from scratch. Empowered by the fast results, businesses can then move to Bizagi Studio to integrate with external systems and automate their processes. With Bizagi Engine customers run the processes on desktops and mobiles.

Taking a Deeper Dive

Bizagi believes there is an enormous untapped potential in delivering enterprise software that makes companies more agile, while reacting smarter to changing market conditions. “Silos and division will be torn away to enable employees to deliver unprecedented level of innovation, efficiency & adaptability,” concludes Gomez.

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Gustavo Gomez, CEO

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