Bizmatics: Augmenting Clinical Productivity via Customizable EHR

Vinay Deshpande, CEO
In today’s fast-paced healthcare ecosystem, it is imperative for clinicians and medical staff to capture, retrieve, operate, and manage a large amount of data rapidly throughout the day. Bizmatics is empowering care providers to effectively streamline health data, be it in general practice or specialty medical care settings. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the firm boasts a long-standing presence in the electronic medical/health record (EMR/EHR) market for over 15 years. Drawing on this profound experience, Bizmatics has developed its flagship application suite, PrognoCIS that comprises EHR software, medical billing, practice management, telemedicine, and patient engagement tools. “Our EHR platform is seamless right from patients registering, scheduling appointments whether on mobile or web, capturing health data in encounters, all the way to the patient data going into the back-end practice management, thereby facilitating encounter management and billing for physicians,” notes Vinay Deshpande, CEO at Bizmatics.

Healthcare providers can access PrognoCIS EHR in real time on their smartphones or tablets and suitably view patient charts, refill medications, order labs, update physical examinations, and so on. More so, the providers can customize Bizmatics’ mobile application solutions as per their specialty. On the patients’ end, the firm offers a patient portal application where they can track their medical records, take appointments, and view lab results, as well as interact with their clinicians. Another key tool within PrognoCIS is independent patient login (IPL) whereby patients can easily fill out forms on a tablet and the data automatically goes into the system, thus saving a lot of time.

Furthermore, Deshpande emphasizes some of the unique features that Bizmatics’ mobile EHR solution incorporates. PrognoCIS is working on using ElasticSearch and machine learning capabilities to analyze data from thousands of care providers and millions of de-identified medical records. It uses medication data and the impact of drug interactions to improve the quality of healthcare delivered.

Our EHR platform is seamless right from patients registering all the way to the patient data going into the back-end practice management

In addition, PrognoCIS EHR has developed the ability to replicate paper forms used by physicians into digital customizable forms. While doing so, “we make sure there is a continuity of operation and health data is properly captured to enable a smooth transition from paper-based practice to digital health,” highlights the CEO. Notably, the platform is MACRA-certified and caters to various specialties including occupational medicine, internal/family medicine, cardiology, surgery, pain management, OB-GYN, and more.

In one case, Bizmatics came to the assistance of a multi-location clinic in Tennessee and neighboring states. Since every state has different laws and regulations, the client wanted a solution that enabled doctors in the bordering towns to visit clinics under different states while maintaining the way they are using their systems and at the same time follow the respective laws and regulations. PrognoCIS served as the most feasible system that adapted itself based on the location of the physicians and accordingly sent them alerts to ensure they follow the rules.

Currently, the team at Bizmatics is actively involved in some R&D projects to foster chronic disease management along with harnessing IoT for better connectivity with remote sensing devices. In the coming year, the firm will continue to enhance its ElasticSearch-based AI mechanism by designing a new algorithm.


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Vinay Deshpande, CEO

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