BizSlate: Leveling the Supply Chain Playing Field for SMBs

Marc Kalman, CEO
ERP software started as legacy accounting systems designed to collect data and serve as a company’s “system of record”. Over time these systems expanded to include order management and supply chain functions. Today, these legacy ERPs remain tied to outdated accounting-based features that have little to do with how businesses operate day to day. But that’s not the case with Madison Avenue, NY headquartered BizSlate. “We have leveraged our team’s supply chain expertise throughout the design and development of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application; BizSlate is designed from the supply chain and operations perspective first, then inward to accounting. As a result, BizSlate is able to help smaller businesses overcome operational bottlenecks that were previously difficult to solve,” begins Marc Kalman, CEO, BizSlate.

Amidst incumbent ERP and Supply Chain solution providers, BizSlate, stands out with its holistic SaaS solution. BizSlate’s core philosophy is to provide software that empowers SMBs to compete more effectively. For these smaller, but growing, businesses that mean having the proper tools to realize the same seamless supply chain advantages of larger companies, manage and reduce costs, and be significantly more proactive and nimble. BizSlate’s solution offers robust ERP capabilities for managing customers, vendors, orders, inventory, logistics, and supply chains. “There is little in-house overhead for our customers to maintain. No dedicated servers, no consulting retainers, and no maintenance contract. Because our application is SaaS, there is zero risk of obsolescence,” says Kalman. He continues, “With BizSlate we have created a new category of supply chain/ERP software: one that uniquely blends the power, features, and intelligence of larger ERP products with the ease-of-use, affordability, and mobility smaller businesses need to compete in a global, Omni-Channel marketplace.”

The core BizSlate’s successful ERP has evolved over time with collaborative inputs from customers’ individual perspectives on how to overcome their operational bottlenecks. To illustrate, one of BizSlate’s clients, a footwear company, used to dedicate two weeks of an employee’s time for adding new product styles, with all the combinations of color and size to their ERP for each new season. With BizSlate’s proprietary “Product Creation Wizard”, the company was able to reduce this process from two weeks, to two hours.
“Every feature of BizSlate is designed from our end user’s perspective. Similar improvements to efficiency and accuracy are found throughout the BizSlate ERP,” states Kalman. To cite another instance of BizSlate’s prowess, generally making last minute ship date changes across, say, 500 orders is a process that could take a couple of hours with typical ERPs, but with BizSlate’s proprietary “Multi-Edit Forms” this process takes just a few seconds.

Uniquely blends the power, features, and intelligence of larger ERP products with the ease-of-use, affordability, and mobility that the smaller businesses need to compete in a global, Omni-Channel marketplace

Kalman has been in the supply chain software space for the majority of his career. A practitioner as well as a software service provider, he had a positive impact on the supply chains of over 2,000 small to medium-sized businesses. “BizSlate is a customercentric company. We engage our customers in every step of the design process, creating innovative features that appear to mold around our customers’ needs.” asserts Kalman. When a customer collaborates with BizSlate, they get more than just workload analysis—they benefit from the company’s proven track record of enabling each to succeed beyond their expectation. “Great customer support remains a cornerstone of our brand. Customers can receive top-tier U.S. based customer support any time they require it,” he says.

Looking towards the future, Kalman remains focused on innovation that improves supply chain and operational efficiency as well as accuracy for small businesses.“We will continue advancing a core system that businesses can rely on for streamlining their supply chain and operations. This includes easily integrating various disparate systems into the BizSlate hub,” concludes Kalman.


New York, NY

Marc Kalman, CEO

A provider of a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)system helping SMBs manage their customers, vendors, orders,inventory,logistics, and their overall supply chain