BizTech Enterprise Solutions: Simplifying Digital Transformation

Michael Patishman, CEO
With client and market demands influencing product development roadmaps, businesses can no longer delay their digital transformation to enhance client experience and reduce operational costs. However, the road to digitization is not smooth, as communication between solution providers and the business leaders of client companies is generally a “monologue” or a “demagogue,” as opposed to a “dialogue.” Technical consultants have a pivotal role in fostering a strong relationship between their company and the clients.

When Tim Goodman and Michael Patishman embarked on a mission to assist enterprises in their digital transformation journey by unleashing the power of Adobe’s products, they made a pact between themselves: “We would be the best company for anybody to work with.” The pact was a cornerstone of the work culture at BizTech—an Adobe consultant firm. With over a hundred experts in Adobe having second-to-none technical skills and donning the role of consultants to assist clients, BizTech is a Specialized Partner of Adobe Systems. “We are specialized in Adobe Experience Management, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Campaign with a successful track record of implementing projects to customer satisfaction,” states Patishman, CEO, BizTech. The company’s praiseworthy work culture ensures that employees get to perform tasks that are in sync with their aspirations.

BizTech connects with clients emotionally by creating a team of people working toward a common outcome, comprising its own employees and members of client organizations. As a part of the digital transformation exercise, multiple modules in the client ecosystem such as content management, analytics, and digital asset management are consolidated onto a single platform—the Adobe Experience Manager. The functions and features necessary for clients are built on the platform to suit enterprise architecture, process operations, and the desired end results. Following this, BizTech enables outbound communication through SMS, mobile apps, emails, print, and socialmedia to support campaigns using Adobe Campaign for consistent multi-channel communication through predetermined client preferences. “Campaign effectiveness can be enhanced in two ways: by setting up all channels to communicate a powerful message; and by beginning with the understanding of what content needs to reach whom,” says Patishman.

We are specialized in Adobe Experience Management, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Campaign with a successful track record of implementing projects to customer satisfaction

BizTech zeros in on the optimum solution for clients using three parameters: integrity to guarantee the most apt solution; the impact of the solution on the overall environment; and the commercial aspect. Upon finding the right solution, the company performs further integrations to Adobe’s offerings which may be necessary to achieve the objective. BizTech enjoys partnerships with organizations like Microsoft and Simple, which it leverages to integrate products like Microsoft Azure or Marketing Resource Manager respectively. Business intelligence is another area where BizTech enjoys expertise to extract the unreported correlations on how client behavior relates to their transactions.

Exceptional capabilities and work culture have helped BizTech win over numerous clients. The company has extensively helped organizations when theirearlier digital transformation projects failed to achieve the desired level of success. Improving the time to market is another core focus of BizTech, for which the company has productized some of its implementations that are commonly sought by clients. Describing them as “Quick Start” offerings, Patishman says that these offerings come with APIs that can be used to accelerate the implementation process. “Today, we can get content management systems up and running for clients in threemonths and campaign offerings in 10 weeks as opposed to 10 or 18 months,” he adds. BizTech’s capability to hasten deployment has kept the C-suites buzzing. Companies embarking on the next level of digital transformation journey are knocking on BizTech’s doors.

BizTech Enterprise Solutions

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Michael Patishman, CEO

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BizTech Enterprise Solutions