BizTech Fusion: Setting a Benchmark in Business Consulting and IT Services

Xadean Ahmasi, CEO
The growth of industry dependence on information technology, scalability, management, and interoperability has become an important aspect when it comes to providing IT solutions for clients. Companies and their leadership need meaningful changes and sustainable technical solutions to build effective communications and establish clear alignment with their overall business objectives.

Answering the aforementioned needs is BizTech Fusion LLC, founded in 2006. A leading provider of global business, technology, and consulting services for all company sizes and market sectors, the Washington, DC based firm makes strategic recommendations and builds IT solutions that incorporate a measurable return on investment. With a primary focus on delivering cost-effective and customized “perfect fit” solutions, the firm takes the mantle by indulging in deeper business-level discovery, designing for seamless integration, and engaging clients in comprehensive collaboration on technology solutions that address clients’ specific business objectives.

Driven by its core values and integrity, the firm takes overall charge of designing, monitoring, and maintaining business applications and processes, and delivering those in a scalable manner while continuing to control costs, maximize uptime, and enhance data accessibility. One of the key differentiators for BizTech Fusion is their approach of optimizing the entire technology stack to the needs of the business. By providing solutions that are industry standards compliant, readily implementable, and integrated, the firm enables organizations to adopt recognized industry
best practices, thus taking the initiative in leading clients through a complete business transformation and providing technical solutions that scale with a company’s business growth.

BizTech Fusion’s prominent service offerings include Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies, web-based application development, and mobile application development. In addition, the firm solves business challenges with technology solutions across a wide range of private and public sector organizations.

BizTech Fusion, through their products, services, and reputation, has earned the trust of many clients, successfully delivering engagements with multiple major medical, health care, retail, and merchandising companies. The company has also provided services and solutions to the insurance, finance, and security industries, and have amassed over 300 clients, including Oracle America, Sam’s Club, AutoZone, Homedics, and CDW in the private sector, as well as the National Institute for Health, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, the NYC Housing Authority, and other Federal, State, and Local Government agencies in the public sector, to name a few.

The global business community has witnessed a proliferation of new and evolving technologies in recent years and, as an answer to this development, BizTech has made itself “future ready” by positioning itself very well to offer services such as infrastructure optimization, to assist clients with maximizing their current IT investments and preparing them for futureproofing their own information technology environments. In the words of Xadean Ahmasi, CEO of BizTech Fusion, “We aspire to be a recognized leader in service delivery, from a business and technology consulting firm perspective, of Unified Communications, mobile, and cloud-based solutions, specifically as relates to integrations across different platforms.”

BizTech Fusion

Washington DC

Xadean Ahmasi, CEO

BizTech Fusion provides innovative, high-tech, and high-quality professional services and solutions at a reasonable cost specializing in Unified Communications & Collaboration, Telecommunications, E-Commerce Platform Development, Systems Integration