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Yogesh Kondaskar, CEO and Chief Innovator

Today, more than ever, enterprises need strategic direction to build a disruptive IT organization that caters to the new-age technology challenges and to be able to innovate at the speed of ideas. Bizteon Software provides innovative technology solutions that help enterprises improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Bizteon is a digital process consultant that assists organizations with business process improvement, digital innovation, and improved customer experience by leveraging IBM’s complete stack for putting together solutions on any technology including Cloud, Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Mobility, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain. “Bizteon leverages cutting-edge technology to help enterprises innovate using small, stable teams of full-stack developers that are focused on rapid development of end-to-end solutions,” says Yogesh Kondaskar, CEO and Chief Innovator, Bizteon.

Typically, a client engagement begins with process discovery and technology review program wherein the Bizteon team accomplishes an in-depth understanding of the clients’ business processes and challenges. The company’s modus operandi involves developing a process to implement technology projects with small, agile, self-sufficient teams that are a mixed-bag of resources, working in a continuous delivery pipeline. The methodology is a combination of lean development and iterative model, with some ideas borrowed from the construction industry. “We are working with CIOs in helping them leverage this methodology to build a lean IT organization and bring their tech work onshore. In doing so, the IBM stack empowers us to reimagine enterprise processes for providing innovative customer experience and exceptional operational efficiency,” adds Kondaskar.

To succeed in the digital transformation effort, organizations are adopting Cloud, BPM, RPA, and ODM to streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency. However, with the current need for these processes to extend beyond the enterprise boundaries, blockchain technology offers a sizable promise to rethink organizational business processes with its decentralized, peer-to-peer network.

We are working with CIOs in helping them leverage our methodology to build a lean IT organization and bring their tech work onshore

“We see a big push for private blockchain on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric as businesses realize the potential opportunity presented by the technology to extend their business processes outside the enterprise for better collaboration with suppliers and partners,” says Kondaskar. As a premier IBM business partner, Bizteon assists clients to successfully deploy IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and reap the benefits of blockchain.

Robotic Process Automation

Bizteon acts as the guiding force in leading enterprises into a world void of monotonous business processes. Bizteon’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implements bots to free employees from mundane tasks, helping them to focus on strategic initiatives. “RPA provides our clients with quick ROI, and because of the ability to implement bots on the existing UI without reconfiguring existing IT infrastructure, clients have had minimal resistance to making the jump in full force. RPA combined with AI can be a very powerful tool that increases ROI further,” explains Kondaskar.

In recent times, low-code BPM is emerging as an alternative to one-size-fits-all SaaS solutions in many scenarios. “We are also working on a low-code BPM coupled with RPA solutions to propagate some of these technology advancements to Small and Mid-Size Businesses,” he adds.

Bizteon’s team considers client’s success as their own, and this philosophy is what makes them second to none. The company’s extensive experience in process improvement positions them to assist IT leaders in overcoming the challenges while adopting rapidly advancing technologies that can provide them an edge in the competitive market. Bizteon strives to navigate CIOs in building practical solutions for next-generation enterprises.

BizteOn Software

Houston, TX

Yogesh Kondaskar, CEO and Chief Innovator

Bizteon leverages cutting-edge technology and agile development processes to help enterprises innovate, grow and build better processes with onshore teams

BizteOn Software