BiZZdesign: Driving Simplicity by Facilitating Seamless Business Change

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Peter Matthijssen, CTO
As innovation is the key driver to stay ahead of the competition, organizations across industries are disrupting their line of business with new and improved technologies and solutions. However, with change comes increased complexity. “Organizations often strive to address complexity through ineffective methodologies which further leads to excessive complexity,” says Peter Matthijssen, CTO, BiZZdesign. “We enable customers to become adaptive, by driving simplicity that facilitates innovation and growth.”

According to Matthijssen, Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an interdisciplinary approach and has evolved to address business needs of managing change. “Today, EA has the capability to not only support change management with customized architectural models but also provide insights quickly for better decision making.” Having been associated with R&D in EA modeling for several years, BiZZdesign excels in providing actionable insights and well-directed strategies. The company achieves this through its collaborative business design platform, Enterprise Studio, for planning, tracking, and executing business change.

Enterprise Studio fosters collaboration, analytics, and personalization for better communication and improved access and quality data. It supports cross-functional teams with shared and integrated models to address a particular business problem. Intuitive dashboards and personalized views provide disparate teams with accurate and updated information pertaining to benefits, cost, and risks at any phase of business change. Through automatic view generation, businesses assess the impact of change across the enterprise. While the platform simplifies data access, the customized reports feature ensures easy report generation. “All models and data are stored in a central repository,” notes Matthijssen.

BiZZdesign possesses expertise in ArchiMate modeling. “Our company is actually a spin off from the research institute which actually developed the ArchiMate modeling language,” he states. They use the combined forces of Enterprise Studio and ArchiMate expertise to streamline clients’ business processes, portfolios, data management, and compliance performance. For example, the company helps clients improve their portfolio management through advanced modeling, analysis, and visualization that present key data in clear, stakeholder-specific views, allowing them to have a better understanding of their priorities.

We enable customers to become adaptive, by driving simplicity that facilitates innovation and growth

Additionally, the company’s risk and compliance modeling capabilities provide organizations with key information on data compliance. Matthijssen adds, “As GDPR—an EU regulation that challenges an organization’s access to personal data—is all set to be in motion in 2018, we provide accelerators that help clients meet evolving compliance requirements.”

BiZZdesign’s technologies are carefully designed to encourage collaboration. In all its engagements, the company works closely with user groups, bridging the silos across the business operations and departments to deliver accurate data through a single pane of glass. The company also provides an extensive list of accelerators that speed up tangible results in critical business areas. By this, clients achieve faster time to value as business change is secured through BiZZdesign’s technology and support services.

For instance, large banks struggling with legacy technologies and archaic strategies find change management daunting that hinders innovation. “We break the challenges down into smaller segments with specific scope of addressing each problem in the process. We then provide software that supports cross-functional insights and enable collaboration between people across departments to channelize business progress toward success. We also implement capability-based modeling and planning for specific areas of business helping banks to evolve comprehensively,” explains Matthijssen.

As a company driven by R&D, BiZZdesign invests significant portion of its revenue toward innovation by collaborating with universities, research institutes, and other organizations. The company encourages organizations to transform into an ‘adaptive enterprise’ as BiZZdesign backs their efforts with the right information and the right technology.


Enschede, Netherlands

Peter Matthijssen, CTO and Huub Janse, CEO

Provides a collaborative business design platform that empowers businesses to seamlessly plan, track, and execute change