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Candy Phelps, Founder
While entrepreneurs and small business owners are getting creative in their approach towards customer attraction, the biggest challenge that they face is a lack of time. When it comes to branding and marketing, and especially their technology, not only do they lack the time to deal with the issues, but more pressing is the fact that they have no time to scout and hire a specialist to handle these issues for them. Bizzy Bizzy, a web design and branding company, is changing the way companies market, by offering its one-of-a-kind“1 Day” services. The services provided are unique and aim at helping clients who are looking to accelerate the launch of their companies—a true kick-start into the space of branding and design. The primary packages of the 1 Day™ services are 1 Day Website and 1 Day Branding. The company conjointly offers a one-week marketing accelerator program, a bundle of all their services.

Understanding the specific needs of the client is—needless to say—a must for the Bizzy Bizzy team. “We have a very interactive and fun-filled process of discussion,” says Candy Phelps, founder, Bizzy Bizzy. A highly trained and efficient team of individuals from the company spend a day with the client, including a brainstorming and discovery session about their brand. The crew assists the client to understand color palettes, typography, and a range of other points that are valuable to their branding process. The customer is given the option to sift through a tangible deck of cards and choose their core values. A quiz based on Carl Jung’s archetypes is used to identify the nature of the company.

Once the team is enlightened with the required insights, they begin to design and develop the client’s brand identity or website. Working in close proximity to the client is what gives them the edge over their competitors, as it saves a lot of time required for the complete procedures. The client gets a first-hand experience of the kind of work that is done, and any matters of objection are immediately cleared.

Our process, known as The Bizzy Work method is very innovative, and fixes a lot of the problems that happen in traditional project management

By designing, developing, and accelerating the launch of their client’s brand or website in a day, the company is going where no other firm in their arena has ventured before.

“Our process, known as The Bizzy Work™ method is very innovative, and fixes a lot of the problems that happen in traditional project management,” explains Candy. The Bizzy Work method model is designed to explore customer values, aesthetic tastes, and business goals in realtime through an extensive interview and interactive exercises that the company has created. It was put into action recently at a non-profit organization (NPO) that had approached the company for help. Stakeholders from the NPO visited the company’s operation base and were able to provide insights into issues they were having. They participated in a 1 Day Branding and a 1 Day Website program over two days. The management of the NPO were left astonished at how quickly the company was able to collect all the information, and furthermore, at the quality of the rebranding delivered to them.

The company is planning on obtaining licensing for the unique procedures and tools they have developed. This will enable other agencies in metro areas to adopt the Bizzy Work method and increase their revenue.

Bizzy Bizzy

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Candy Phelps, Founder

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