Black Mountain Systems: Highly Configurable Data Aggregation Tools

Kevin MacDonald, co-CEO & co-Founder
With the influx of data and burgeoning regulations in the capital markets, participants need to deploy advanced data and business process management solutions. “The capital markets are almost entirely digital today and organizations are dealing with the challenge of connecting layers of asset and transaction data from internal operating systems and external data services,” begins Kevin Macdonald, co- CEO and co-founder of Black Mountain Systems. The company is a provider of innovative and highly configurable solutions for financial institutions, including best practice solutions around portfolio, trade order, research and compliance management, as well as performance and attribution analysis and reporting. “At Black Mountain, we add operating efficiency and reduce risk by eliminating boundaries between systems, information, and people. Our mission is to help companies focus on high-value activities that drive investment performance without the low-value distractions of compiling and scrubbing data,” he adds.

Black Mountain’s product, Everest, is a software platform that aggregates data from downstream systems and third-party data sources to provide investment professionals with complete and accurate information so that they can make highly informed investment decisions. “Everest provides user-defined dashboard and graphical summaries and custom rule-based workflows, and consolidates it onto a single user-interface,” says MacDonald. The software aggregates all critical data into a single accessible location for real-time analysis and reporting, and models any business process to orchestrate and audit interactions between people and systems. Everest’s configurable design serves as the basis for highly customized and scalable solutions that address market needs and regulatory challenges. In addition, Everest lets clients add any number of custom asset-models, workflows, and business rules to those already offered in their existing solutions. “Everest is more than just data visualization. Its true business intelligence with real-time and accurate data in the mix with business processes as modeled into Everest,” co- CEO Andy Horwitz says.
“And clients can continue to modify and extend solutions for changing business needs by using embedded configuration tools and wizards.”

Since its conception, Black Mountain has been providing low-risk and easily deployable, fully supported solutions with a formal validation process to ensure client satisfaction. The company’s extensive client list includes 3i Debt Management, Apollo, Alcentra, and Madison Capital. Bl a ck Mou nt a i n differentiates itself from other technology providers through its software’s flexibility and its team’s dedicated problem solving approach. Horwitz sums up the company’s success at delivering innovative solutions that satisfy client objective, “We partner with smart people to solve their problems and we hire exceptional people who have a passion for doing this and give them the freedom to determine the best approach.” For instance, Wasmer, Schroeder & Company, a firm that specializes in fixed income SMA portfolio management, approached Black Mountain for technology that would enable their business to scale up quickly, and enhance processes between their front and middle office teams. The company was looking to build a more robust portfolio compliance capability, which required less input from their staff, and a trade allocation process that efficiently integrated their portfolio management program. Black Mountain partnered with the customer to develop and implement a best practice solution that was tailored to meet the unique challenges and needs of the client’s business in the municipal market. This resulted in 80 percent of time-savings for Wasmer, Schroeder & Company’s administrative team and 10-20 percent for its traders and portfolio managers.

Moving forward, Black Mountain plans to incorporate advanced analytics into their portfolio, trade order and compliance management solutions. The company is also currently working with the clients to port best practice solutions to equity strategies and trade execution systems. “We aim to expand our banking and the sell-side capital markets, where regulation demands the flexibility of governance that Everest can provide,” MacDonald said

Black Mountain Systems

San Diego, CA

Kevin MacDonald, co-CEO & co-Founder and Andy Horwitz, co-CEO

Black Mountain is a software company that develops innovative and tailored solutions for data aggregation, process management, and business reporting.