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Mac Kalyan, CEO and President
The global banking regulatory landscape has become multifarious over the years. The prescribing guidelines from international regulators forces financial institutions to incur additional capital expenditure, implement governance processes, and engage in large projects. These result in development and implementation of risk management framework required to meet regulatory expectations of Basel I, II and III and equivalent international regulators. This emerging need for robust and proactive risk management solutions to ensure that risk management techniques are broadly integrated into the banking sector propels BlackIce. “The two principles we live by at BlackIce is that everything starts with data and the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) or CCAR as known in the U.S.,” begins Mac Kalyan, CEO and President at BlackIce. “Our Enterprise Risk Aggregation (ERA) consolidates data and provides calculations and reporting engines to give insights for regulators and management.”

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC Canada, BlackIce’s ERA provides enterprise risk management solutions that leverage in-database analytics to offer accurate and complete regulatory reporting and calculate unforeseen risks. “Our solutions help to anticipate the unexpected losses and plan for it,” explains Kalyan. ERA consolidates risk and finance data across all operational systems of business—Wholesale Credit, Retail Credit, Market/ Liquidity, and Operational and functions as Treasury in a centralized functional view. “We offer regulatory capital and economic capital calculation engines, market risk calculations and enterprise stress testing for capital Adequacy and liquidity risk. Institutions can customize our models, and build their own extensions in-house,” states Kalyan.

BlackIce provides the governance structure to assess and monitor compliance in financial institution through Governance Compliance Database (GCD). GCD manages the ongoing regulatory Self-Assessment submissions, optimizing the ongoing data gathering process to enable satisfactory and consistent response to examinations set forth by regulators. Besides, “GCD sets us apart from large consulting firms when it comes to bidding for Basel Implementation work,” says Kalyan.

BlackIce’s end-to-end risk management solutions integrated with innovative technology has helped organizations avoid threats and mitigate risk.

Our Enterprise Risk Aggregation (ERA) consolidates data and provides calculations and reporting engines to give insights for regulators and management

To illustrate, a concentration risk report was showed to the senior management at a bank which highlighted their top ten counter party exposures to the bank. They were all under the concentration risk limit set for both single borrower and industry. BlackIce ERA data models and integrated data were employed to show the board and the regulator that given the correlation that existed, between two industries—mining and construction, the combined exposure to the counter parties was over the concentration limit of single industry or borrower.

For the banks implementing Basel accord, BlackIce presented an official seminar in Basel PMO training in Vietnam. “We provide training in emerging markets to help banks understand issues and manage risk,” explains Kalyan. “We offer a wide range of services across the risk management space, from data governance to board training, to ICAAP,” states Kalyan. The company's success stems from its continuous innovation. “We are working with a unique and cutting edge data visualization firm in Vietnam to combine our respective competences,” says Kalyan. BlackIce is constantly looking for other solutions in the market place that believe in ‘open architecture’ approach to integrate or partner with, in order to provide a true enterprise-wide solution approach to clients.

Moving ahead, BlackIce is planning to leverage their data models with technology to support real-time/on-request analytics and reporting. “We assist Board members and senior management in their day-to-day activities and help financial institutions to optimize and grow their portfolio,” concludes Kalyan.


Vancouver, BC Canada

Mac Kalyan, CEO and President

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