BlackMesh: Preparing Industry-Ready Cloud Solutions by Leveraging Red Hat Technology

Eric Mandel, CEO
Cloud is an indispensable part of modern enterprise. Automating time-consuming and error prone cloud management services are the way forward for technological initiatives to boost efficiency and lower operational costs. As a result, there is an immediate need to create robust and viable solutions by leveraging emerging technologies. BlackMesh, a managed service provider, delivers cloud-based solutions to government agencies, non-profit organizations, development groups, and large enterprise corporations to help them become more sustainable. Combining high-performance technologies with unlimited support, the company offers flexible and affordable web hosting solutions that lower costs, accelerate growth, increase agility, and improve productivity.

Established as a global technology company in Ashburn, VA, BlackMesh delivers unparalleled expertise in the areas of Drupal and web hosting, data compliance and protection, and networking solutions and infrastructure. “We offer a number of services that help clients move to a powerful computing solution with complete root access and OS control,” says Eric Mandel, CEO, BlackMesh. “Our cloud service provides multiple advantages when it comes to expanding clients’ computing power and streamlining the IT process.”

BlackMesh previously collaborated with Red Hat to become their first OpenShift Partner via Red Hat Certified Cloud Service Provider, allowing BlackMesh to offer a cloud-based infrastructure optimized for OpenShift and empowering customers with resources and tools needed to improve and accelerate application deployment.

Providing comprehensive expertise in managing complex Drupal hosting, BlackMesh’s robust Drupal CMS solutions are ideal for managing high volumes of website traffic. The company’s proficiency in executing optimized configurations, tuning parameters, and resolving specific client constraints has made BlackMesh’s Drupal capabilities a favorite among many organizations.

“We work with a number of software development companies to provide stability and scalability, along with required support to run clients’ websites and applications,” asserts Mandel. BlackMesh’s end-to-end system configuration, patching, alerting, monitoring, and optimized varnish configuration ensure clients’ websites stay up and function with quick response, and incur no negative impacts from accidental misconfiguration.”
As exemplified by its Drupal expertise, BlackMesh is proficient in LAMP Stack, integrates Docker, Joomla, Magento, Node.js, and WordPress, and manages Windows applications (such as SharePoint) and other programs simultaneously.

BlackMesh utilizes OpenStack to build and manage private cloud hosting to help clients manage their own resources and customize the software according to their needs; this facilitates immense computing power which is secured, and, most notably, controlled by the client. “Behind our Cloud we have High Availability storage built with solid-state drives,” says Mandel.

In one instance, Phase2 Technology, a long standing provider of Drupal sites, needed a flexible development environment for Drupal where they could build images and execute development and performance testing for a number of different projects. BlackMesh provided private cloud hosting built on OpenStack to compose the application for the client’s daily development environment. The solution was a successful approach for the client that eliminated the need to build infrastructure.

BlackMesh stays ahead of the curve by investing in emerging technologies both at the software and the hardware levels. “We are externally a service oriented company,” says Mandel. “But internally, we are a technology provider. This has been one of the most distinguishing factors for us.”

Behind our Cloud we have High Availability storage built with solidstate drives

Additionally, BlackMesh is skilled in security and compliance regulation including PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA, and most recently achieved authority to operate (ATO) through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). In upcoming years, the company plans to focus more on DevOps, automation and tailoring tools for clients to promote stronger relationship with its partners.


Ashburn, VA

Eric Mandel, CEO

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