Blackware Technologies: To The Cloud and Beyond

Adoption of newer technologies might come off as an overwhelming feat for enterprises; the bulk of promising offerings has to be meticulously mapped in tune to unique business requirements. This requires more than just technology expertise; for, the solution provider has to put themselves in the shoes of their prospective clients, from a business strategy standpoint. After all, it is the expertise to flawlessly leverage products offerings that translate to an ideal solution implementation. Aligning itself to this notion, Québec based Blackware Technologies positions itself as a nimble cloud migration and workforce productivity enhancer. “Technology is merely the car that’s going to drive businesses. We have a team of people who are dedicated to understand the business first in order to identify its technology requirements,” says Guillaume Roy, CEO and Co-founder of the company.

Roy, a street-smart leader, has been steering Blackware Technologies since its inception in 2016 along with co-founder Gilbert Gagnon, whom Roy terms as the ‘technology geek’ presiding over the company. Roy’s entrepreneurial journey is akin to exemplary lives of visionary leaders such as Steve Jobs. Absence of a college degree did not deter his curiosity and interest to explore possibilities of deploying technology to enhance business processes. At the age of 20, Roy started his first venture which essentially served as the ‘Amazon for Contractors of manufactured goods’. It was the era when Google Office Suite was still free, as Roy recalls. Upon leveraging the offering for his enterprise, Roy began to notice that several of his customers resorted to legacy, on-premise tools for their business; and many had expressed interest in the way Roy implemented solutions for his company. It was then; back in 2012 that Roy unofficially founded Blackware Technologies as a company meant to provide cloud expertise to clients pertaining primarily to manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors. In Gagnon, Roy saw the potential hand with the technology expertise to help materialize his vision to lead an establishment that places business customs first.

Blackware was able to dissolve the in-server file access and employee communication predicament for a large video company by strategically helping them adopt G-suite.

We have a team of people who dedicates themselves to understand the business first in order to identify its technology requirements

The company was able to save time, and money in server maintenance, upgrade and file archival. “After identifying the way they needed to manage e-mail, drive, and scheduling, we streamlined their migration to the cloud. We supported them from start to finish, and as well provided them with round the clock support,” recalls Roy. For another client, gathering reports was a herculean time consuming task—taking days—from the humongous amounts of data they housed. With Blackware’s GCP deployment, their time to gather and analyze reports reduced to hours.

Roy prides that Blackware has earned all of its clients purely through word-of-mouth and referrals from places such as HubSpot, Zoho and Google. Being chosen by large corporations amongst a wide array of bigger solution providers merely on recommendation of Google, is indeed an extraordinary achievement. Since its humble beginnings, Blackware has earned enough reputation and have caught the attention of Google to be backed in conferences alongside entities such as Lenovo, Deloitte and AT&T. Another key differentiator of Blackware is its ability to deliver, above and beyond cloud and office solutions, by going the extra mile to implement solutions stacks such as ERP or CRM. Blackware is currently building an AI offering which, according to Roy, ‘change the way business is done in the world’. Even in the AI’s pre-launch stage, Blackware has gained the interest of two companies to pilot the project.

Blackware Technologies

Québec, Canada

Guillaume Roy, Co-Founder & CEO and Gilbert Gagnon, Co-Founder

Provides enterprise office and cloud solutions with a business-first approach; and even offers dedicated solutions stacks for CRM and ERP

Blackware Technologies