Block Array: Revolutionizing Supply Chain with Blockchain

Sam Bacha, CEO and Founder The U.S. supply chain market is all set for a bumpy ride as driver retention and satisfaction in the trucking industry, alongside the timely delivery of shipment between B2B emerge as the biggest challenges that the freight business has ever faced. While several conditions such as driver pay and rise in e-commerce conspire against the current situation, the recent electronic logging device (ELD) mandate that requires digital tracking of driving hours threatens to squeeze the trucking capacity even further. Given the current state of affairs, carriers need to consider a combination of factors to get more drivers behind the wheel and retain them.

In such a scenario, the purpose behind Block Array, a blockchain-based startup is simple—to transition all the current challenges in the supply chain, including the negative outlook toward ELD into a positive one. When Sam Bacha, CEO and founder of Block Array first conceived the idea for his company, he decided to quit his job and make his vision a reality. “I knew I would regret not taking this chance as I believe our cutting-edge approach is the answer to several challenges plaguing logistics companies,” says Bacha.

Based out of Chattanooga, home to a large number of trucking firms, the CEO believes he has an upper hand as opposed to other software providers located in Silicon Valley as Block Array is currently focusing on the U.S. trucking industry and can easily reach out to their clients. The company is all poised to bring a much-needed combination of services into logistics and supply chain such as state-of-the-art item tracking and information sharing between B2B, powered by enterprise blockchain technology. “We understand that most organizations have reservations around data safety when it comes to the blockchain. However, we want our clients to know that at Block Array we use a private blockchain where cryptocurrencies are not directly involved. You have the option of paying through dollars or Bitcoin,” explains Bacha. Moreover, as the company leverages both symmetric and asymmetric encryption, transactions can be securely hidden from non-transacting participants, providing confidentiality without sacrificing the benefits of the blockchain.

At Block Array, we use a private blockchain where cryptocurrencies are not directly involved and you have the option of paying through dollars or Bitcoin

Also, it’s important to note that Block Array adopts blockchain technology for only those offerings that exhibit a demonstrable reason to benefit from blockchain.

To give a closer view of how Block Array is redefining supply chain management, the company uses a cloud-based logistics platform that is built from the ground up and easily integrates with all existing ELDs. The solution records all ELD information, creates bills of lading and other shipping documents through smart contracts and the data pool is completely secure. Whenever drivers certify their daily logs from proof of arrival to departure, the platform creates a hash of these records. The information is then embedded into the blockchain creating an immutable record.

"What we are aiming to do with our solution is completely eliminate detention payouts," mentions Bacha. Detention payout is the cost that a shipper must bear when a consignment arrives late while the driver is present at the pickup location at the designated time. Historically, there wasn't a transparent system of record to prove which party is to blame for a late delivery. Now with Block Array, drivers can accurately log all events and use their records during incident resolution or as legal evidence. An organization has the option to choose any event-based trigger from barcode scanning or geofencing to signify when a driver arrives or leaves a location. More importantly, since the solution is committed to blockchain the probability of fudging any records is out of the question.

The solution also utilizes data such as engine speed and RPM to conduct additional verifications about the status of the truck. This insight not only helps keep the speed at a check but enables carriers to ensure that drivers and shippers are always in line with compliance regulations.
“We are also creating a benchmark and quantifying which shippers are perpetually late, and carriers can use that data to charge them a higher rate. This will force the shippers to improve their business processes,” says Bacha.

One standout example of Block Array's technology is how they automated the fleet titling service for a series of trailers operated by a particular company. As an added benefit, Block Array will be providing a mobile application down the line for the client, using which a user can scan a barcode or QR code to tie a trailer back to the ELD records on the blockchain for end-to-end visibility.

For holistic solutions delivery, the company validates all its ideas by creating proof of concepts and pilot studies to glean critical insights. Block Array not only engages with those stakeholders that will be using their products but also with employees from other departments in the organization. “We are not scared to throw out something that we have been working on for two or three months if there is a better approach or a more relevant solution we can go for. Our flexibility has been key in getting us this far,” he adds. Through it all, Block Array believes in maintaining complete transparency with both its employees and clients.

Along with best-in-class solutions, security and network integrity take precedence for this next-gen startup. At present they are in the process of achieving ISO 22301 implementation, highlighting the company's commitment toward information security at every level. “Considering our size and how relatively young our company is, we took the proactive decision to have these standards baked into our culture right from the start.” Keeping in mind that the biggest threat to company security is complacency, Block Array even runs penetration testing weekly on crucial systems.

To stay ahead of the industry and accurately address client challenges, the company will further improve their networking capabilities in the coming days. As their platform evolves, Block Array also has its eyes on enhancing its analytics and demand forecasting features. Partnering with existing ELD providers like OmniTRAX and PeopleNet is also on the charts. After a close examination of Block Array’s services, it’s certain that the company is truly on its way to redefining the marketplace for logistics and supply chain companies.

Block Array

Chattanooga, TN

Sam Bacha, CEO and Founder

Provides integrated blockchain solutions that improve item tracking and product information for 3PLs and supply chain management companies

Block Array