BlockchainIL: Accelerating Business Development with Blockchain Technology

Alon Aginsky, CEO
Today, with hundreds of successful use cases across various industries, blockchain is no longer perceived as experimental technology. With its decentralized structure, open ledger, and ability to execute chain transactions with efficiency, blockchain is perfectly poised to transform a number of diverse business sectors worldwide. “Blockchain is building trust between parties with its transparent structure, and that will revolutionize everything,” says Alon Aginsky, CEO of BlockchainIL. At BlockchainIL, a group of technology, investment, consulting, and advisory experts are working on catalyzing the development of companies that are innovating on blockchain.

Subsequently, the emergence of cryptocurrencies enabled startup founders and investors to leverage initial coin offerings (ICO) to raise funds by replacing the sale of equity with the buying and selling of coins/tokens. However, fundraising based on tokens that did not represent a company’s real value led to the decline of this trend, with investors becoming less likely to bankroll speculative business projects. “The end of the ICO trend marked the beginning of building a long-lasting blockchain industry that is based on companies that have real value,” adds Aginsky.

Blockchain is fundamentally changing the way industries operate with its decentralized database and the ability to share data within a community with ease. In the financial sector, corporate giants AIG and IBM implemented blockchain to create a pilot program that builds smart contract-based insurance policies and enables real-time data sharing between banks and other financial entities. Similarly, BlockchainIL is accelerating this innovation by crafting comprehensive strategies for companies planning to develop, test, and deploy a blockchain-based solution.

Another industry that is deploying blockchain in order to improve the experiences of businesses and investors alike is real estate. With a part of the $200 trillion worth of real estate around the world allowed to be tokenized and made available to the public, individuals can now invest in a license of real estate and become part owner of a bankable property. Additionally, in 2019, property owners will be able to refinance their cash flow by utilizing a new security token that will allow fundraising through security token offerings (STO).
BlockchainIL’s services will help real estate companies to effectively leverage the upcoming security token and boost the efficiency of transactions.

Blockchain is building trust between parties with its transparent structure, and that will revolutionize everything

Emphasizing the impact of BlockchainIL on a company’s operations is a success story with Geneyx—a life sciences company with a vision to revolutionize the DNA sequencing market by adding DNA data on blockchain. With advisory and consulting assistance from BlockchainIL, Geneyx was able to develop a technology that allows anyone to contribute their DNA data to a decentralized genetic resource platform. This resulted in the creation of a research data repository that can be used by pharma companies, medical labs, and clinics that are developing pharmaceutical solutions to treat genetic disorders. BlockchainIL’s collaboration with Geneyx resulted in the creation of a database that clinicians and researchers can access to avail the data required to develop progressive and personalized medicine.

Looking to the future, BlockchainIL envisions continuing to provide their advisory services to blockchain-based companies in their journey to develop the best technology applications and explore newer fundraising options through the utilization of blockchain. Lastly, Aginsky reveals the plan for the company’s $50 million venture capitalist fund. “With BlockchainIL’s fund, we plan to assist blockchain-based companies in Israel that can help the country become a world leader in blockchain technology,” concludes Aginsky.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Alon Aginsky, CEO

Provides investment, consulting, and advisory services to blockchain-based businesses