Bloomberg Law: Spearheading Legal Research with Integrated, Data-Driven Solutions

Scott Mozarsky, President
With the escalating amount of legal cases and data every year, the legal industry is embracing its long-awaited renaissance with the advent of sophisticated technology. While conducting legal research, drafting documents and providing insights to their clients, attorneys and business professionals need to come to grips with the vast universe of legal data, wherein getting to the answer faster makes all the difference. Governed by a mission to make the Practice of Law and Business of Law seamless with innovative technology, Bloomberg Law is setting a new paradigm in the legal market with a legal platform that combines primary and secondary content as well as analytics with company information and market insights to allow users to start, refine, and finish research and other legal tasks in a rapid fashion. With case law, dockets and statutes and other essential primary and secondary resources forming its bedrock, Bloomberg Law augments legal research through AI and Machine Learning to produce transparent, effective, and unique insights. “For 80 years attorneys and other professionals in the Legal Market have relied on Bloomberg BNA’s content on a daily basis for news, insights, and other guidance that enables them to provide the highest quality of assistance to their clients,” explains Scott Mozarsky, President, Bloomberg Law.

In recent years, it has become difficult for clients to determine the best legal representative for a particular case in a sea of excellent legal counsel and law firms. To enable attorneys and firms to distinguish themselves and drive better results, Bloomberg Law has introduced ‘Points of Law’ as a tool that is instrumental in searching through Bloomberg’s colossal database of case law to find the key points in each case and make navigation easier. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to accelerate case law research, the tool provides quick access to relevant jurisdiction-specific, on-point law, all from within the court opinion, and utilizes data visualization to map the problem areas of a particular case. For a complete and on-point state of jurisprudence, “we utilize machine learning and analytics to provide attorneys an advantage that they did not possess before regarding discovering key cases and performing their research more quickly and accurately” says Mozarsky.

Mozarsky highlights, from a core functionality perspective, the recent introduction of ‘natural language search’ and intuitive practice centers such as the company’s E-discovery practice center. It helps users engage with news and gather deep insights into the contents of various litigation topics.

For 80 years attorneys and other professionals in the Legal Market have relied on Bloomberg BNA’s content on a daily basis for news, insights, and other guidance that enables them to provide the highest quality of assistance to their clients

Bloomberg Law has also pioneered draft analyzer technology, which leverages analytics and machine learning to detect patterns in thousands of relevant documents and determine the accurate market clause from an objective perspective to aid in legal negotiations. Furthermore, another strategic feature of the Bloomberg Law platform includes Compliance Risk Benchmarks—a tool to better understand and remain compliant with privacy and data protection laws worldwide. The feature allows attorneys to bring precision to their clients’ business decision by weighing risk opportunities in different nations.

“With Bloomberg Law, I am quickly able to take a look at a specific aspect of privacy law on a worldwide basis. I have a client that had just recently been acquired by a Chinese company, and they needed to look at how to send emails within the corporation because the laws between the US and China are very different. And they needed a comprehensive review in a 12 hour time frame. Bloomberg Law was an excellent tool for that situation,” illustrates Mercedes K. Tunstall, a partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP’s Washington, D.C. offices.

Being an early bird in incorporating AI and machine learning into legal research and broader practice, Bloomberg Law stands in loftier heights in the market and looks forward to enhancing the platform to provide real-time value and improved data visualization and analytics for the future years. Bloomberg Law is committed to introducing numerous enhancements each year that revolutionize the practice of law with data and technology.

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Scott Mozarsky, President

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