BloomReach: Matching Customer Intent With Most Relevant Content

Raj De Datta, Co-founder & CEO
One of the most interesting revolution that the internet has brought forth is shopping from the comfort of couch. The booming e-commerce companies are filling up their online catalogues with variety of products and services—from Smartphones to furniture to web design, in order to appeal the consumers. The real challenge for e-commerce portals is getting the right content that interests consumers. To get this, the sites have to continuously collect and interpret web data and analyze buying patterns of consumers. However, with the humongous amount of data generated every day over the Internet, processing it with traditional database management tools is nearly impossible.

BloomReach, a Mountain View, CA, based company addresses this challenge by exposing high quality content in a well-structured manner, delivering a more relevant experience for consumers, and profitably unlocking more opportunity across marketing channels.

BloomReach's Web Relevance Engine (WRE) adapts to current internet trends, identifies consumer behavior and guides them intuitively from their initial search to discovering deeper content that better fits their intent.

"Several e-tail sites using BloomReach technology have seen substantial increase in their site traffic gaining up to 60 percent more customers, which is not possible through other marketing channels including paid search, display, or affiliate advertising," says Raj De Datta, Co-founder & CEO of BloomReach.

Considering the latest boom in Smartphones and tablets, BloomReach also optimizes mobile experiences.

BloomReach's Big Data marketing applications optimize customer acquisition and experiences

It can deliver relevant search results and dynamic landing pages on mobile with category and product recommendations based on cross-channel behavior. This is done by analyzing on-site web, mobile activity and creating anonymous profiles of the same person using multiple devices without customer authentication. It also provides analytics that track usage from mobile discovery to web purchase to help retailers assess influence of mobile.

One of its clients,, which offers multitude of medical products, had employed a variety of technical best practices, but wanted to better optimize its site for natural search. It was BloomReach that gave the site a way to maximize the discoverability of content across its catalogs.

With its promise of helping clients connect their content with right consumers at the right moment on the right device, BloomReach has built an impressive clientele over the years. Raj who intends to maintain the momentum of BloomReach's growth says, "The engine that drives BloomReach isn't just the software architecture or the algorithms. It’s the ability of our company to see itself years into the future, provide a viable roadmap to attain that vision and communicate it to everyone."


Mountain View, CA

Raj De Datta, Co-founder & CEO and Ashutosh Garg, Co-founder & CTO

Provider of Big Data marketing applications that deliver relevant experiences and webpages for consumers and higher revenue for online businesses