Blue Banyan Solutions: Information As Competitive Advantage

Jan Rippingale, Chief Technology Officer
Blue Banyan Solutions is a rising NetSuite solution provider and developer team that seeks to promote enhanced productivity and profitability through data-driven decision making. Their mission is to accelerate client success through product and service innovation, with an intense customer-centric focus. The company offers tools that target the classic challenges of tracking and managing company operations in real time, challenges facing all small and midmarket companies that have outgrown their limited, and often incompatible, startup software tools. The company has three major areas of strategic focus– building vertical solutions, developing a superior customer engagement model, and working with programs like the US Dept. of Energy-sponsored Orange Button initiative to reduce data exchange incompatibilities.

Blue Banyan Solutions is the culmination of a number of defining moments in the life of Jan Rippingale, Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder of the company along with CEO Dao-liang Chou. Of experiences as diverse as earning a martial arts black belt in Japan at 15, encountering a tiger shark while diving in Fiji, and conversations about budgeting priorities with astronaut John Glenn while working at NASA, Jan says, “In very different settings I learned how crucial it is to accurately anticipate what is coming, not just to make smart decisions, but for survival. The key to organizational success is establishing a data-guided culture, where decisions are based on real time information about operational trends.”

NetSuite, with its rich suite of cloud-based business management tools, was the natural platform choice for Blue Banyan. Given its foundation in accounting, NetSuite is an excellent management solution for small and midmarket businesses. NetSuite has a global reach that aligns with Blue Banyan’s ambition to provide customers increased profitability and a competitive advantage wherever they are. Jan explains, “We engage deeply with customers to ensure rapid and proficient adoption, while developing tailored performance metrics that enable customers to progressively optimize their operations.

We engage deeply with customers so they have the tool proficiency to recognize new opportunities or threats in realtime, and respond appropriately

This includes real time recognition of new opportunities or threats, typically improving both the quality and timeliness of response.”

Blue Banyan is also leveraging broad NetSuite expertise to support clean energy. One Blue Banyan product, called Solar Success, is a NetSuite application extensively customized for residential and commercial solar installers. With the rapid decline in hardware costs over the last decade, reducing “soft costs” through operational efficiency has become the most difficult and pressing challenge for solar installers. Through partnerships with companies such as BayWar.e., a global renewable energy and distribution company, Blue Banyan is co-creating a model of a “no-touch” installer order experience that reduces soft costs through inventory and procurement efficiencies.

Solar Success is a unified, solar-specific solution that covers accounting, supply chain, project management, CRM, marketing, procurement and fulfillment components. The software provides end-to-end visibility on cash flow, milestone payments, customer acquisition costs, project profitability, risk alerts, and other functions critical to a solar installer’s success.

Blue Banyan is well on its way to helping customers use business software for a clear competitive advantage. In addition to Solar Success, Blue Banyan will be introducing a variety of Suite apps, such as a drag and drop document manager that will enable others in the NetSuite ecosystem to function more effectively.

Blue Banyan Solutions

Berkeley, CA

Jan Rippingale, Chief Technology Officer and Dao-liang Chou, CEO

Provides innovative tools and services to help companies improve their business outcomes and drive their NetSuite ROI

Blue Banyan Solutions