Blue Canopy: Translating Complex Requirements into Achievable Outcomes

Bradley J. Schwartz, President & CEO
Organizations are busy hopping into the Big Data bandwagon by building data models and warehouses, and perform the aspects of analytics, business intelligence, or enterprise search. Often times, these companies don’t consider the business and technical complexities needed to integrate, correlate, plan, govern, manage, or acquire the data and they often don’t consider where they are going to get the data from. Recognizing this problem, Sheryl Schwartz along with Bradley J. Schwartz and Mike Harris, founded Blue Canopy, an end-to-end Big Data consulting and system-development firm.

Headquartered in Reston, VA, Blue Canopy aim to help its customers solve these problems by understanding the business perspective first, followed by the technical requirements of the system. “We look at Big Data from a decision driven analytics stand point,” says Jim McGinn, PMP, Director, National Security Big Data and Analytics practice, Blue Canopy. The company manages complex programs, improves enterprise performance and integrates mission and enterprise systems for the U.S. Federal Government and Commercial clients.

Blue Canopy’s key service offerings revolve around enterprise data management, Big Data, decision analytics, and cloud computing and enterprise information management. “At Blue canopy, we think product agnostic,” says McGinn. The company’s enterprise information management focuses on the analytic aspect, where it analyzes the requirement of the organization, be it type of analytics, enterprise search, predictive modeling, text analytics and social media analytics. “We then provide solutions in a wide range of platforms accordingly. In the information management aspect, we look up to data enrichment and data fusion service to make sure the analytics is performed correctly and no fraud happens,” adds McGinn.

Blue Canopy has developed and deployed 4pi process improvement solution framework to assist organizations in assessing and peasuring key business process. The 4pi Solution Suite comprises process management framework, activity models, metrics and executive dashboards, as well as workflow automation tools to provide organizations with an effective, efficient and productive way to manage business processes and IT service delivery.
It establishes an adaptive IT management model to migrate both risk and lower costs. The ongoing measurement and analysis of service level metrics identifies areas for improvement and establishes a framework for service level management in areas that impactmission success—time, cost, performance effectiveness and quality. “Monitoring these key metrics and then leveraging workflow automation tools to re-align the operational processes leads to optimal performance, enhanced control, greater focus and improved flexibility,” says McGinn.

Blue Canopy has largely worked with both commercial and public sector, assisting in the data management, analytics and security accreditation of systems. For instance, the U.S. Department of Defense was building a data platform using Cloudera, integrating a wide range of data, for which they didn’t have an adequate enterprise search methodology or search tool. Acting as a control hub of data management, Blue Canopy built the enterprise search engine, which enabled the officials to search across all the data effectively. The system is deployed worldwide to provide analysts in these agencies the ability to search the data assets in the enterprise. Blue Canopy is also currently running a Big Data project within the Department of Homeland Security, where the company is building a Big Data environment including infrastructure and Big Data platform. Blue Canopy recently became an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner and will also be featured in the upcoming 2014 Kennedy Consulting & Research report in the “Profiles of Select Analytics IT Consulting Practices.”

Maneuvered by a group of highly experienced consultants and analysts, Blue Canopy differentiates itself by helping clients achieve their Big Data objective in the most cost effective way. Using open source analytics tools and even re-using the clients’ existing infrastructure and software, the company makes sure that the goals are accomplished well under the ‘tight budgets.’ Going forward, Blue Canopy foresees to expand across wide range of the federal government areas. The company is also planning to modify its architecture and solutions to serve more players from the commercial space.

Blue Canopy

Reston, VA

Bradley J. Schwartz, President & CEO

Blue Canopy is a woman owned small business known for its exceptional quality execution, innovative solutions and industry experience.