Blue Fountain Media: Transforming Digital Ideas to Success Realities

Gabriel Shaoolian, Founder & CEO
In today’s digital world, it is of utmost significance to accelerate the user-experience of a company’s website to reach a vast market and gain extensive client base. Customers often grow frustrated after having an unpleasant experience with a brand online and they are not very likely to return back to that site the next time to make a purchase. “According to a survey conducted by Econsultancy, a marketing and advertising research firm, almost half of the respondents expressed an overall less positive perception of a company after one bad onsite experience,” says Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO and Founder, Blue Fountain Media. Shaoolian believes that organizations must concentrate on the way they bring out their content, overall design, as well as UX to maintain a loyal and long-term customer base. Shaoolian founded Blue Fountain Media (BFM) with a mission to create websites and digital solutions to help businesses grow online. Since its inception in 2003, BFM has turned digital ideas into success stories for many ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 companies.

The company offers complete 360 degree solutions with services ranging from strategy and consulting to online marketing to boost the brand online. BFM analyzes the industry trends around a client’s business and conducts focused audience research to create a roadmap to success. The company develops new brands as well as provides existing brands with new strategic platforms with a unique brand story. They enable clients to design a website as well as mobile apps with easy user interface and with a powerful branding and compelling visual identity. “Customers should not just visit the website; they should love the website,” delineates Shaoolian. “Our developers bring businesses to their customers that are on-the-go by building a platform with an optimized interface and engaging navigation.”

Interestingly, BFM enables clients to create larger impacts by adding videos and animation content in their website. Alongside responsive website design, the company empowers clients to effectively manage content through various content management systems including WordPress and Magento.

Our developers bring businesses to their customers that are on-the-go by building a platform with an optimized interface and engaging navigation

Once the website is designed, clients also benefit from the online BFM’s marketing services to increase traffic and expand online visibility. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay per click marketing options, clients can generate brand awareness and enhance traffic. With a powerful design, the company enables clients to turn traffic into customers making their website one of the most effective selling tool.

A number of companies from various domains have relied on BFM for its expertise in web development space. With stellar capabilities in developing top notch websites and mobile applications, the company has garnered an esteemed clientele over the years. In an instance, BFM assisted Between the Bread, a catering and eateries company, to revive their new brand identity. BFM created a website capturing and communicating the brand philosophy to deliver valuable experience to end users. The website delivered the same approach that the eatery represents offline. “Our beautiful new website truly replicates our brand values, and sets a precedent for the quality experience our customers have either in store or at our events,” explains Jon Eisen, Partner and VP, business Development, Between the Bread.

Moving ahead, BFM will continue to revive client’s online journey by providing them cutting edge solutions for building or revamping websites allowing them to tap into greater audiences and grow online business. The company will vest its focus on adopting new techniques and approaches in to enhance its web development services.

Blue Fountain Media

New York, NY

Gabriel Shaoolian, Founder & CEO

Specializes in website design, mobile app development, and online marketing for increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty, and new leads

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