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Jeff Sagraves President & CEO
After a busy day at work, Jeff Sagraves rushes out to the field to coach 30 high school kids in Lacrosse. As their coach, Sagraves teaches them the basics of team building and improving the necessary skills to outsmart the opponent and win the game. In many ways, he has been able to translate these important lessons in his company, Blue Line Technologies. With a mission to enable businesses to thrive, the IT services company focuses on presenting small and medium businesses with cutting edge IT solutions.

By providing a complete experience, Blue Line enables its clients to overcome some of the most significant technological challenges of today. Often this transition includes retiring a company’s existing on-premise server environment and migrating to Office 365 and Azure. Partnering with Microsoft, Blue Line has delivered on the promise of bringing advanced technology to the doorsteps of SMBs. “For SMBs that don’t have their own technical staff, we act as a CIO and provide comprehensive end to end solutions that address their IT concerns,” remarks Sagraves. On the other hand, some of the Fortune 500 companies that Blue Line caters to do have extensive IT departments or may outsource to the Big 5 consulting firms. “Unfortunately, these firms rarely provide Apple integration with Microsoft’s product line,” explains Sagraves. “We are one of the few Apple service providers in the Southeast that also has a strong Microsoft presence. We can make Apple and Windows work together in peace and harmony which is sometimes difficult to do.”

This innovative expertise has helped Blue Line accommodate the migration needs of many educational and healthcare institutions. The company also addresses the specific needs of its clients in four particular areas—cloud, big data, mobile computing and security. “We find Office 365 a great solution that will help them take part in each of these trends,” states Sagraves. “Office 365 is cloud based, so our clients can eliminate other solutions they have for their email today.
Similarly, Azure allows server based applications to move to the cloud.” A doctor’s office was having trouble with information being shared from one practitioner to another. Additionally, there was no standardized email system in place which meant that practitioners were using personal email IDs for communication.

After analysis of the challenge, Blue Line identified the potential gaps that might lead to security breaches in patient’s confidential data. The team immediately turned to Office 365 to bring order to the office. “We were able to retire one of their internal file sharing servers with Office 365. They were able to save money by eliminating some hardware and improving efficiencies. By going to the standardized, more secure Office 365, the risk associated with security breach dropped drastically,” explains Sagraves.

Our ability to integrate Windows and Apple, gives us a competitive advantage

With customers ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, Blue Line is supplementing IT support provided by some of the biggest players in the marketplace. The integrated Apple support makes them stand apart from their competitors. “We believe in truly partnering with our customers and are proud to integrate two of the IT world’s most widely recognized brands,” says Sagraves.

Blue Line, is now planning to expand geographically as well as increase its market penetration to a much broader audience. Ballantyne Designs, a Blue Line Technologies company, allows Blue Line to develop branding, marketing and mobile optimized digital assets for clients. Adding to the growth, there are plans of acquisitions in the near future to bring along the right people and assets to better meet the needs of their clients.

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Jeff Sagraves President & CEO

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