Blue Panda Communications: Paving the Way to a Modern Contact Center

Mark Allen, CEO
Until just a few years ago, voice-based communications for any customer-brand interaction were widely effective. However, market sentiments are rapidly changing. One study reveals that by the end of last year, approximately 90 percent of customers were already using social media to communicate with a brand1. This mode of communication is today’s most preferred customer-care channel with website/live chats ranking second, email third, and telephone calls sliding down to the last position with only 16.1 percent of customers preferring it. All of this equates to one thing: Companies now need a multichannel communication architecture that not only supports voice-based communications but is aggressively positioned to tap into newer channels. And, more importantly, an architecture that intertwines each one of these capabilities to give enterprises a unified platform for handling customer interactions. For two of Blue Panda Communications’ clients, the lesson was learned after the damage had already been done.

Having invested around three-quarters of a million dollars into a call center, the first company later realized that voice-based communications constituted just 25 percent of its inbound traffic. The larger 75 percent share ascribed to social media messaging apps like WeChat. To compensate, the client leveraged the WeChat platform to capture those communications; however, an issue persisted. WeChat was not integrated with their contact center environment.

The second client had a similar experience with its on-premise phone system, which in addition to being an expensive installation, required an approximate licensing fee of $100 per user per month, resulting in a majority of its customers preferring to move away from a voice-based communication medium.

Blue Panda’s value proposition shines in such contexts by enabling organizations to integrate multiple communication media―be it voice, video, text, or social media―into a single, unified channel through its proprietary cloud platform, CoreInteract. Doing so exempts contact centers from the troubles of purchasing new software and hardware and allows them to leverage the potential of social media messengers. As for the two companies, today CoreInteract is enabling them to seamlessly tap into any medium their customers’ prefer, while ensuring that the experience and service delivered is consistent and robust across every channel.

With our robust platform and simple, user-friendly interface, we focus on offering a comprehensive user experience to our clients and the customers they serve

Blue Panda’s CoreInteract solution allows a contact center to choose any new communication channel/platform and integrate it into its existing communications environment using APIs, while a single interface consolidates all of the channels for contact center executives at a single point.

Traditional voice-based contact centers have been limited to physical appliances such as phone systems and PBXs. Blue Panda’s core focus is to be a true cloud application that offers faster deployment and better communication capabilities. “With our robust platform and simple, user-friendly interface, we focus on offering a comprehensive user experience to our clients and the customers they serve,” explains Mark Allen, CEO at Blue Panda Communications.

“We also provide an online workflow builder that allows tailored prompt screens based on the user’s workflows and needs,” adds Allen. Another benefit of CoreInteract’s intuitive user experience is that it reduces training time, which translates into faster ROI for companies.

Adding to its value proposition, the platform’s live language translation and automatic customer satisfaction survey feature makes the job much easier for the contact center executives. According to Allen, “Unlike traditional call centers we have the ability to touch the customer from a variety of interaction points which allows for a greater level of service and support. This helps our clients to extend customized experiences to their customers, while gaining a more thorough understanding of their customers’ needs. Most importantly, it allows customers the ability to interact with brands in their time, and on their terms.”

Blue Panda Communications

Salt Lake City, UT

Mark Allen, CEO

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