Blue Sage Software: Setting New Trends in the Automotive Aftermarket

IT infrastructure upgrades have not been keeping pace with the speed at which the automotive aftermarket industry has been growing. Distribution and procurement channels continue to operate with legacy systems instead of leveraging technologies like cloud and mobile. Recognizing this gap, the team at Blue Sage Software has pooled over three decades of knowledge and experience in the automotive aftermarket and combined it with new state-of-the-art functionalities. “Our customers get the latest in technology as well as the 35 years of industry expertise built into it, which is quite unique,” remarks Roger Moyers, President, Blue Sage Software.

At the core of Blue Sage’s ability to streamline activities in the automotive aftermarket is Pacesetter. Available for deployment in the cloud as well as on-premise, Pacesetter has all the features needed to ensure seamless transactions between aftermarket distributors and their customers. Pacesetter’s Warehouse Management features include the capability to capture the location details of each part in the warehouse and send picking information to staff located closest to the parts ordered. Meanwhile, Pacesetter’s Electronic Data Interface enables integration with nearly every electronic ordering system and gateway in the automotive market. Pacesetter’s user interface simplifies its integration with several third-party platforms and business sites, facilitating round-the-clock electronic purchasing. To complement Pacesetter, Blue Sage offers products like Paceform, Pacequery, Paceroute, and Pacedrive that cater to everything from providing paperless forms tailored to suit the requirements of individual customers to tracking the delivery of each product from the time it leaves the warehouse until it is in the hands of the end user.

Blue Sage provides unparalleled customization support for all its products. In Mexico, where government approval of invoices is mandatory for sales, the company successfully integrated Pacesetter with the tax authority software to enable a seamless transaction between dealers and tax officials.

Our customers get the latest in technology as well as the 35 years of expertise built into it, which is quite unique

To better support local businesses and government authorities, Blue Sage deployed the spanish version of Pacesetter, which has boosted its popularity in the region.

Blue Sage’s solutions and services are valuable in franchisee operations as well, including the experience of working with a customer holding the franchise rights of an automotive part retail giant for 12 stores in the U.S. The absence of cloud or server versions of franchise provided store management software, which could provide single-pane visibility into the transactions across all stores, left the client dissatisfied. When brought on board, Blue Sage integrated Pacesetter with the systems controlled by the franchisor. Following this, the customer could manage the procurement and distribution operations for all 12 stores with a single cloud-based solution, which optimized the operations besides lowering the costs.

Striding ahead, Blue Sage intends to broaden its products and solutions portfolio leveraging the latest technologies to cover more distribution channels in the automotive aftermarket, such as distributor agencies and repair shops. Geographically, Blue Sage is planning to make inroads into untapped markets within and outside the U.S. Given the magnitude of customer satisfaction achieved by the company, Blue Sage’s ventures are poised for success.

Blue Sage Software

San Diego, CA

Roger Moyers, President and Steve Caliguri, Director

Provides an array of software modules to optimize and channelize the automotive aftermarket activities

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