Blue Sail: Sales Execution - Amplified

Greg Gangemi, CEO & Founder
Headquartered in Worcester, MA, Blue Sail Inc. is a specialized management software and sales effectiveness start-up guiding sales force training, simulations, portfolio, and commercial strategy execution for life sciences organizations, private equity firms, and consulting agencies. Their premise is simple – align key messaging to deliver consistent, clear, and laser-focused sales execution that generates real traction in highly competitive markets.

Life Sciences sales and promotion is expensive and faces several unique challenges, including limited customer interaction time and sales representative isolation that introduces variability to branded message delivery. Despite a growing trend in sales training and technology investment, active selling time has actually decreased, as sales teams spends greater time traveling, troubleshooting, and in administrative duties.

Enter Blue Sail Inc. The company has developed an innovative Sales Effectiveness Platform designed to address key obstacles to success. “It is imperative to an organization’s success that training and front line leadership teams develop, train, and provide brand message impact feedback – yet systems are rarely integrated and designed to consistently meet this objective,” says Greg Gangemi, CEO and Founder of Blue Sail. With Blue Sail’s platform, brand message deployment, its effectiveness, and impact to customer choice can be aligned and measured in real time, both for individual representatives and physicians.

Blue Sail Delivers Confidence

“Success is truly about Message Intelligence – a real-time measure of the effectiveness of a marketing message to engage its intended audience and generate sales,” says Gangemi. “The use of the Blue Sail Platform allows the role of the front line manager to be amplified, supporting both strong coaching and introducing real-time market research capability. It’s that real time responsiveness that was not previously available,” he adds.

Helping organizations to calibrate focus and alignment across all aspects of sales team development

Message intelligence creates a deep understanding for managers, who by leveraging the platform will gain valuable insight on how sales reps connect with customers, the level of confidence they hold in delivering key messages, and how product messaging is perceived and assimilated by their customers.

Blue Sail is Inward-Focused“Blue Sail’s platform is not a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool,” says Gangemi. “Though CRM plays an important role in managing account action and progress, its coaching components may not be fully optimized as it focuses on aggregate interactions, rather than pin-point feedback. This means itrarely aligns with quality of the specific message delivered to targeted customers by a specific representative.” Blue Sail’s inward focus enables sales, marketing, training, and analytics alignment and places the firm’s brand message squarely at the center of the process.

“By supporting field sales leadership through the linking and integration of brand messaging through testing, simulations, role-plays, sales performance visualization and others means, we allow clarity and consistency in execution,” explains Gangemi. Moving forward, Blue Sail strives to become the partner of choice to its clients by helping companies leverage a fully integrated platform to harness the power of front line sales talent.

Blue Sail

Worcester, MA

Greg Gangemi, CEO & Founder

Blue Sail Inc. provides an innovative software platform and sales approach that aligns sales team execution with brand positioning and corporate objectives