Blue Star Infotech:Offering a Comprehensive Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Percy Dara Hilloo, Head-Testing Practice
The software testing industry has witnessed a rising demand to utilize innovative testing methodologies to be at par with the growing business needs. “The emerging trends witnessed in the technological landscape include the growing importance of security, mobile, and performance testing,” begins Percy Dara Hilloo, Head-Testing Practice of Blue Star Infotech Limited (BSIL). BSIL is focused on providing Managed Test Services and Specialized Testing Services in mobile, performance, automation and security testing. “BSIL has adopted a comprehensive methodology and developed multiple optimization Accelerators to maximize the speed and accuracy of the process,” informs Percy.

Blue Star Infotech Limited (BSIL) has a strong testing practice with a rich experience of testing over 700 projects and 1600+ project releases over the last 30 years. BSIL’s testing services span the entire Software Testing Lifecycle which includes Test Consultancy, Functional Testing, Mobile Testing, Managed Test Centre, Performance Engineering, Test Automation, Software Quality Testing, Compliance Testing and User Experience Testing.

BSIL’s test teams work in tandem with QA team and may also completely take over the QA test engineering ownership-including formulating product quality standards, envisioning appropriate test strategy based on defined objectives, initial planning, tool selection, test environment management, preparing test plans and test cases, cloud infrastructure provisioning, establishing traceability matrices, test data creation, executing the tests for product and software process quality.

BSIL’s Performance testing assesses the performance of an application against defined non-functional requirements. BSIL’s security testing assesses the vulnerability and security threats to customers’ applications. The Mobile Testing Services has a broad range of offerings from Compatibility Testing (iPhone, Android, Windows, CE, Blackberry, Symbian) to Features Testing (SMS, Email, IM), Native Apps Testing (Maps, Social Network, Appstore), Device Usability Testing and Device Localization Testing. “We provide test automation solutions that are supported on multiple browsers and apply data driven tests to process multiple record inputs,” says Percy.

BSIL has adopted a comprehensive methodology and multiple optimization tools to maximize the speed and accuracy of the process

It also has its own proprietary frameworks and tools like EzTest. The EzTest is a Selenium-based test-automation tool intended to reduce the time spent on testing and human errors. It is designed to bring down the cost and enhance the quality of the final product. Furthermore, BSIL’s solutions are augmented with technology from HP, Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. “BSIL works on new technologies in mobile, cloud, Internet of things, DevOps, and test environment management through its Centers of Excellence (CoE), keeping the company abreast of the latest developments,” claims Percy.

BSIL’s key strength is the Independent Testing Community of Practice, which provides services in multiple Engagement models and competitive pricing models— differentiating BSIL from the rest.

BSIL’s wide-ranging testing solutions are being leveraged by numerous companies across the world. For instance, an IT company in U.S. makes use of BSIL’s technologies to conduct rigorous tests on cloud-based apps prior to global market launch. The client’s app addresses the central monitoring and security challenges with limited IT resources across different devices, operating systems, and brands. And so, BSIL provided a testing strategy which involved a combination of manuals, performance, automation, and security testing techniques that covered a wide range of device configurations. At the end of the day, with the help of BSIL’s offerings, the client’s test cycle time was reduced from two weeks to two days.

For the future, BSIL is aiming to evolve into a high performance organization that provides future-proof software solutions to clients. “We are a highly client-oriented IT company with high and continued prospect of future growth,” concludes Percy.

Blue Star Infotech

Santa Clara, CA

Percy Dara Hilloo, Head-Testing Practice and Sunil Bhatia, CEO & Managing Director

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