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Rishi Agrawal, COO
Today’s technology products, markets, and trends have a distinct commonality, transformation. The successful adoption of these technologies is centered in the ability to operationalize, driving utilization and consumption. Consumption is the primary factor in ROI realization of cost, operational efficiency and optimization of Time to Value (TTV) and Time to Market (TTM). Executives acknowledge these deficiencies within their organizations and infrastructures, with limited solution partners to assist in cradleto- grave understanding, knowledge and abilities to truly transform their businesses.Bluefin Technologies has focused on these transformational aspects, providing enablement, innovation, knowledge and insights required. In the eyes of Rishi Agrawal, COO, Bluefin Technologies, “nowhere are these challenges more prevalent than in adoption of cloud services. Businesses require abilities to determine what to move, and how to move it (cloud), efficiently and without impact, mitigating risk throughout the process. Another underserved aspect is; although cloud adoption is prevalent, it is not without high levels of complexity and multi-disciplinary requirements. Cloud transformation requires knowledge of Access, Networks, Infrastructure, Process and Analytics to successfully deploy and most importantly utilize/consume.”

BlueFin’s knowledge, approach, end-to-end ownership and flawless execution highlight our ability to enable, innovate, and transform clients rapidly and successfully – driving consumption

Founded on the premise of pioneering technologies, solutions and services, BlueFin has a combined experience of over 50 years providing enterprise-class technology, infrastructure, operations solutions and products globally. They provide world-class bestshore delivery strategies in infrastructure and management services, business intelligence/analytics, and infrastructure transformational services (cloud, virtualization, storage, compute, X as a Service) for organizations across the globe.
As cloud adoption gathers momentum, BlueFin’s Microsoft Azure practice provides solutions to optimize, manage, migrate, and monitor clients’ environments including storage, compute, application, database, and mobile services, and workloads, driving consumption. Furthermore, their hybrid cloud solutions with Azure leverage cross-premise connectivity, identity and migration providing enterprises the ability to execute workloads in the most efficient location, based on utilization needs.

BlueFin is a true solution partner that has deployed technology, and operationalized solutions for a number of global organizations including a multi-national general insurance company that had significant challenges in its IT Infrastructure as result of growth. The company required a comprehensive storage solution which was compatible with existing infrastructure without compromising data security standards. BlueFin engaged Microsoft’s StorSimple team to fulfill client’s requirements. The process included predeployment, post-deployment monitoring, training and handover, checklist based procedures and work breakdown structures to incorporate client requirements. Subsequently, the plan of action was created and validated to prepare, deploy, and operationalize the StorSimple platform and Azure services, through assessment, data center inspection and device configuration. The storage solution continues to effectively address the client requirements including the enablement of data efficiency and cloud services. “BlueFin’s approach, methodology, end-to-end ownership and flawless execution highlight our ability to enable, innovate, and transform clients rapidly and completely,” says Agrawal.

In the coming years, BlueFin will continue providing innovative technologies that drive the “utility” factor. The company is focused on broadening its solutions that complement their transformational services, while further differentiating through the client experience. “Storage will always be a pillar within BlueFin simply because it is both the beginning and end of the data lifecycle. We will grow our domain expertise further producing innovative and complimentary utilities, products and innovative solutions to enable technologies such as software defined storage, networking, and datacenter, cloud solutions and storage virtualization,” says Agrawal.

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Rishi Agrawal, COO

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