Bluegiga Technologies: Building the Wireless Industry of Tomorrow and Beyond

Antti Sivula, CEO
Today, the amenity of technology is best ridden on an escalator that only travels up. Alike any other vertical, the wireless industry is also bestowed with numerous technological advancements with the introduction of novel and advanced equipments and devices, which in confluence are making this space an industry of tomorrow. Taking advantage of the situation, Espoo, Finland based Bluegiga has been a vehement contributor of the wireless space that has been at the cutting edge of delivering best in class devices to manufacturers.

Founded in 2000, this pioneer in technology is a provider of innovative, easy-to-use, short-range wireless connectivity solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), device manufacturers, and system integrators. The company is well known for their robust Bluetooth and Wi-Fi solutions, and facile under laying stacks for configuration of the devices for specific design implementation.

Bluegiga for its innovative solutions has gained the trust of many clients from over 70 countries through its operations in the U.S., Hong Kong, and China. The company has taken high-priority steps to cater to its customers. “We have a global network of over 50 distribution partners as well as a large staff in each of our key geographies. They are present there to provide aid both in terms of business development and application engineering expertise. Hence, we are virtually addressing all clients around the globe,” explains Tim Eskew, CMO at Bluegiga. The firm has a broad portfolio that encircles clients from Automation and Wearable technology industry, and medical device to health and sport device manufacturers.

Bluegiga is striving to help OEMs bridge their devices into IoT, a next big thing coming in the way of business leaders of today. Albeit various entrepreneurs and enterprises are still in the initial stages of learning the dynamics of IoT, at Bluegiga, designers have already incorporated capabilities to support IoT, which in turn has made Bluegiga’s modules a preferred choice for creating IoT devices.
The Wireless Brilliance

The products at Bluegiga are divided into three categories, Bluetooth classic, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi modules. All Bluegiga modules are completely integrated, certified, high-performance radio frequency products that include all the necessary Bluetooth or WiFi communications protocols. Wireless modules are specifically targeted towards developers who desire rapid integration of wireless technology into their systems without wasting months for the chipsets. Bluetooth Classic technology is ideal for streaming data and audio applications where as Bluetooth Smart technology is meant for sensor type data that is sent in periodic bursts, allowing for the device to operate for years on a battery. Bluegiga Wi-Fi modules are ideal for embedded applications that require long-range Wi-Fi connectivity in an easy to integrate surface mount package.

All Bluegiga modules are completely integrated, certified, high-performance radio frequency products

What sets Bluegiga apart from others is providing an integrated hardware and software platform that is easy to use but is also backed up with great customer service. They are also the key factors behind the exponential growth of the firm in the last four years.

The Future

Bluegiga is ready for the IoT disruption as it intends to add more layers in its Bluetooth and WiFi software to harmonize with the next generation features and functions. Customer’s devices will be even easier to connect with, securely share data, and create the benefits of scale that is envisioned with the IoT.


Espoo, Finland

Antti Sivula, CEO

Bluegiga is committed to provide innovative and easyto-use, short-range wireless connectivity solutions to OEMs, device manufacturers and system integrators.