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The use of technology is indispensible in education today. Students today are a new breed— raised on Smartphones and tablets, they live in a world of texts, social media and meetups. Students look forward for an education system which appeals to the very tech savvies they involve in everyday life. So the education institutes cannot lag behind in this prospective.

Designed to work in tandem with the current business infrastructure of an education institute, BlueLeap Consulting, a company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, offers CampusMe -an Immersive Student Lifecycle Experience platform built atop Oracle RightNow and Powered by Twilio technologies. These solutions offer a personalized experience across the entire student lifecycle and give the institution a real and sustainable competitive advantage.
“As more and more educational institutions invest in Oracle's RightNow solution, we are helping them connect to prospects in new, more powerful ways where they live and breathe - online. Our solution CampusMe, a fully-configurable engine that powers these connections, allows you to connect with prospects wherever they are,” says Raleigh Burgess, BlueLeap Consulting CEO.

BlueLeap Consulting brings more than 20 years of business strategy, operations and global IT technology experience. It helps organizations in addressing the challenges in internal organizational biases; eliminate anchoring effects, and identifying areas of uncertainty. From analyzing risk, to managing the most demanding IT portfolio, to defining and managing customer experiences, BlueLeap Consulting identifies the most successful path offering the greatest ROI for the organization.

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