Blueprint Lumina Consulting LLC: The Blueprint for a Holistic Business Strategy

Fulvio Bernardi, Founder and CEO
In a fast-paced economy with ever-evolving technological advancements, the need for highly adaptive business strategies is paramount. Although many employers have a scalable ground plan, technology and process adaptability are often prioritized above all else, and the people that interlink/interact with the various entities in the value chain are often overlooked. However, a holistic adaptable strategy can account for better connection of people, process, and technology. This is why companies need business strategy specialists like Blueprint Lumina Consulting LLC.

The company is the brainchild of Fulvio Bernardi, an industry expert with extensive experience in helping and improving numerous organizations where operational efficiency improvement, customer service, and adaptability have led to major bottom-line improvements. Bernardi understands that a sturdy business strategy is one that chooses tools and processes to facilitate better interlinking/interaction between different teams.

In this regard, Blueprint Lumina is a staunch advocate of scripting a business strategy that adapts to market changes/needs instead of following a dogmatic plan. The Arkansas-based firm has uniquely positioned itself to help businesses map, model, digitize, and optimize business processes. The company can also help businesses to effectively manage both Business and Information Technology projects.

“We believe bringing people, process, connectivity, and technology together is crucial to devising a highly adaptive business strategy,” says Bernardi, who currently presides over Blueprint Lumina as its CEO.

The firm’s business strategies are agile-based and underpin four key values (1) interlinking internal and external teams (including third-party vendors), (2) Working processes and software is preferred over extensive documentation, (3) customer collaboration, and (4) adapting to rapid change. To this end, Blueprint Lumina has developed in-house operational systems to provide high-quality business consulting services at a lower cost.

When it comes to scripting strategies for clients, Blueprint Lumina starts with an appropriate kickoff strategy workshop session where all key decision-makers from top to intermediate management take part.The firm then assesses how leaders define their organization’s cumulative goal and also considers how much they align in the strategy to achieve it. If clients face misalignment issues, the firm helps them overcome those hurdles. The company recommends short sprint meetings to only share the relevant information and enablers that helps break down organizational silos.
Next, Blueprint Lumina analyzes the clients' existing business strategies one at a time and identifies areas of inefficiencies. The firm will then devise a new business strategy and a process architecture to effectuate it. This approach provides clients a framework for efficiently mapping all their processes, ensuring a clean unambiguous handoff between different departments. Next, Blueprint Lumina investigates and employs automation around automatable processes to improve operational efficiency. Such an end-to-end method helps clients streamline their overall business processes while adapting to changes. Not stopping there, Blueprint Lumina even lends a helping hand in writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for clients. This aspect enables clients to standardize their workflow for future to-be-processes, add accountability, break down silos and enforce compliance within the organization.

We enable clients to see the big picture in their projects and help them see if all their endeavors align with their mission and vision

“We enable clients to see the big picture in their projects and help them see if all their endeavors align their mission and vision,” says Bernardi.

Such an immense value proposition enables Blueprint Lumina to cater to a wide spectrum of clients regardless of industry vertical. For example, one of their notable works was helping a leading international banking group improve its workflow and reduce operational costs. This client had non-compliant systems that lacked visibility into expenditures, and they could not make good savings. In this regard, Blueprint Lumina helped them consolidate a standard reporting system by implementing consistent processes across all its locations and seamlessly integrating it with the main system. As a result, this client witnessed a year-by-year decrease in operational costs of nearly 147 percent.

Blueprint Lumina attributes such successes to its internal team and its grounding principle of retaining transparency with clients. The firm discerns itself by reaching a mutual understanding of how to define successful outcomes and the metrics used in measuring them. This allows the client to know which methods used are working and which are not. In essence, Blueprint Lumina’s adaptive business strategy is a ‘must-have’ for organizations to stay on par with the market needs.

Blueprint Lumina Consulting LLC

Fayetteville, AR

Fulvio Bernardi, Founder and CEO

The company scripts highly adaptive agile-based business strategies and a subsequent process architecture to digitize and optimize business processes. The company can also help businesses to effectively manage both Business and Information Technology projects.

Blueprint Lumina Consulting LLC