BluIP: AI Conversational Virtual Agents and Automated Customer Support

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Armen Martirosyan, CEO
In this era of modernization, customers, especially millennials, wish to use the services of a company that caters to their specific needs through uninterrupted digital services that is intuitive, intelligent, and responsive at all hours. As a result, many companies have started deploying advanced technologies to automate the customer support, help desk, and ordering processes to enhance the customer engagement experience. And, BluIP, a trusted cloud communications (PBX, IVA, Contact Center, etc.) and applications/system integration provider, is one of the companies that make it possible for businesses. With extensive experience in delivering communication solutions, BluIP aims to innovate the customer support and service experience of vertical industries through a seamless integration of voice, data, and AI Conversational Virtual Agent Applications.

Leveraging its AI Conversational Platform & Framework BluIP is focused on many of the disruptive areas that corporations and CIO’s are targeting to support innovation, lower cost, and remain competitive. Disruptive areas like:

Over the last seven years, AI Cognitive technologies and services such as Voice Processing, Learning, Data Analysis have been rapidly advancing, and the cost-benefit has caught the attention of many enterprise CIOs and cloud solution providers like BluIP. “For years, it was just too expensive and complex for enterprises to build AI Conversational Virtual Agent Solution beyond simple chatbots or static IVR for Call Centers,” says Armen Martirosyan CEO at BluIP. But even with many of the AI & Voice enabling technologies becoming more cost-competitive, the art of assembling, integrating, deploying, tuning, and managing is still daunting for most enterprise IT departments. “What we have found is our vertical customers (Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, etc.) want us to figure out and manage the AI Voice Conversational Platform/Technologies and partner with the company stakeholders to teach/tune the AI and deploy the unique integrations that deliver the automation and conversational Intelligence that customers expect from a live agent/operator.” When done right AI Conversational Virtual Agent/Operator offers clear advantages such as:

• Increase caller satisfaction by intelligently fulfilling information requests at ALL Hours (24 x7)

• Collect business intelligence on customer support engagement that is typically lost to the corporation with live agent interactions.

• Intelligent customer identification and automation of request (e.g., Hotel Room Reservation

• Lower Agent Training Cost–Listen and train the one AI Virtual Agent versus the challenge of individually monitoring and training all the live agents

AI Voice Conversations are tough because the Virtual Agent’s response needs to be fast and informed

• Consistent corporate-approved messaging to callers

• Multi-communications channel engagement–Voice, Text, Chat

Deploying for Scale & Complexity

While simple AI Text ChatBots have been leveraged by Enterprises for many years, the addition of cloud-based AI Voice Conversational “channel” or solution to replace Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or pursue new Virtual Agent applications has been elusive, especially in large scale environments. BluIP AI Conversational Platform & Deployment Framework has proven itself in larger-scale agent offloads environments (over 1400 hotels) with 40 to 50% live agent call reduction. “AI Voice Conversations are tough because the Virtual Agent’s response needs to be fast and informed. To accomplish this, we are constantly evaluating new technology and tools to shave sub-seconds off the AI voice response, quicker ways to identify the caller’s intent, and speed up sensitive system integrations to ensure a natural flow in AI audio conversation. Whether the call is coming from a hotel guest room or someone driving down the freeway in a convertible, caller’s want a responsive interaction similar to live agents”, explains Martirosyan.

BluIP’s AI Conversational Platform as a Service is complemented with their deployment framework/ methodology that establishes a partnership with the customer to make sure the AI virtual agent hits the business objectives. Thus, the agile deployment process of identifying the business stakeholders, user stories, and integration priorities is a key component in building an intuitive and well-trained AI Voice Virtual Agent. The company is also augmenting their Cloud PBX/UC., the behive Mobile Application, and Contact Center solutions with Integrated AI Conversational Virtual Agents/ Operators/Assistants. “It’s interesting that our focus and customer interest a couple of years ago was on purchasing cloud Call Center agent solutions, but today we sell 50 to 60 % less Call Center agent seats because the AI Virtual Agent solution is changing the Call Center operations by offloading the live agents. It is a little like eating our young, but this is where the technology and innovation is taking the market”, says Martirosyan.


Las Vegas, NV

Armen Martirosyan, CEO

BluIP is a cloud communications (UCaaS) and Mobile Applications provider that specializes in creating and supporting solutions for vertical industries like Hospitality, Healthcare, Large Enterprise, Distributed Retail, and Public Safety. The company offers several customizations and advanced integrations to customer relationship management tools (CRMs) like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ERPs, and various other databases. With a strong development culture and integration capabilities, BluIP delivers desired outcomes with white-glove implementation and support to customers with standard or complex requirements. BluIP offers Cloud PBX for Hospitality, Enterprise Enhanced SIP trunking, behive-a Frontline Worker Communication Platform, AI Natural Language Virtual Operators & Agents with WorkFlow Automation, and Cloud Contact Centers