BluSapphire Technologies: Multi-Vector Agentless Cyberthreat Defense System

Kiran Vangaveti, Founder & CEO
With each passing day, the number of advanced cyber-attack tools being released into the market has created a likely probability of every connected user getting compromised at some point in time or the other. Cybersecurity maven, Kiran Vangaveti says that it’s no longer a question of ‘if’, but a question of ‘when.’ Having worked in cybersecurity for over 16 years, Vangaveti knew that the industry was in dire need of an ideal solution that would offer an end-to-end view of the entire cyberdefense stack—Detect— Analyze—Respond—Remediate. Traditional tools have failed to deliver. It was this need that propelled Vangaveti to lay the groundwork for BluSapphire Technologies in 2014 as he began development on a holistic cyberdefense platform that today empowers organizations with the ability to detect, analyze, respond, and remediate threats using a single tool, without human intervention.

“Near Real-time Detection, Immediate Response and Remediation is key,” explains Vangaveti, BluSapphire’s CEO, adding, “Organizations need holistic solutions that can operate across the entire Advanced Defense Stack—Detect, Analyze, Respond/Contain, Remediate/Clean-Up, allowing for easier orchestration from initial Detection to Remediation.” BluSapphire combines these layers into one tool, dramatically improving visibility leading to effective cyber defense. The platform’s strategy involves detecting threats, understanding their capabilities, and immediately executing remediation or containment of the threat in a matter of minutes. BluSapphire is backed by a 24/7 managed service.

Unlike traditional systems that demand a few days to weeks and months, to identify the cause of a problem, BluSapphire monitors the data as it enters the network, fending off malicious attacks like WannaCry and NoPetya within minutes. Through a combination of sensors, aligned behind t h e firewall, BluSapphire uses advanced behavior analysis, binary analysis, and machine learning techniques to detect, provide comprehensive human readable analysis, and contain/neutralize the threats by eliminating or quarantining them.

BluSapphire’s Multi-Vector Behavioral & Machine Learning with agentless response, elevates an organizations capabilities to new levels of enhanced detection and operational capabilities

BluSapphire’s Agentless response model, allows faster containment of malware, dramatically improving response time.

Striving toward a faster threat response, a large Tier 4 data center provider in Asia, wanted a robust system implemented, to safeguard its clients from ransomware attacks. BluSapphire, invited for a pilot, completed deployment within few hours; started analyzing over a hundred million of flow records using Machine Learning models, and found ten suspicious IP addresses, within the first 24 hours. Further analysis confirmed seven systems infected with Ransomware, and identified records, revealed that the suspicious flows were over Remote Desktop Protocol. Threat actors used various brute-force methods to compromise the systems.

“BluSapphire has drastically improved ROI for its customers by empowering level 1 analysts with operating efficiencies of Level III analysts,” explains Sean Cross, BluSapphire’s Senior Advisor. BluSapphire’s deployment within few hours, high fidelity alerts, visual representations, and seamless threat detection and remediation for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) is gaining the attention of larger enterprises as well. Focused on innovation, BluSapphire is working with several technology giants to create breakthroughs in their machine learning capabilities for identifying and containment of the increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

BluSapphire Technologies

New York, NY

Kiran Vangaveti, Founder & CEO and Sean Cross, Senior Advisor

Multi-vector detection utilizing behavioral and machine learning, visibly empowering, containment and agentless response in moments

BluSapphire Technologies