Blytheco Modern ERP: The Key to Business Transformation

CIO VendorStephen Blythe, Founder A 2011 Mint Jutras ERP Selection Survey indicated that 62 percent of businesses with ERP installed are STILL USING the first ERP solution ever implemented in the company. Many of these purchases were brought on by the rush to support Y2K implications. The business environment has changed since the late 1990s, and many business leaders are now considering a new generation of solutions and functions.

Laguna Hills, California-based Blytheco works with these leaders to help them revitalize business processes through modernization of technology. Flagship systems Sage ERP X3 and NetSuite are perfect examples of modern ERP solutions that improve productivity and efficiency for companies in the smallenterprise to mid-enterprise market.

“Companies face different requirements in today’s fastpaced business environment than they did just ten years ago,” says Lori Seal, COO of Blytheco. “With ERP, CRM, and HRMS systems, we are solving pain points around mobility, analytics, and the need for greater levels of automation.”
Blytheco has been serving companies with their business software needs since 1980. With a nationwide team of over 100 solution experts, Blytheco offers clients a tailored process for evaluating and designing the perfect solution based on their specific business goals. The company then works with clients throughout their business lifecycle to provide training, technical support, and process reviews to ensure that systems stay tuned to changing business realities.

A keen eye on emerging business needs and a commitment to long-term client partnerships keeps Seal and her team successful. She says, “Our business is really about understanding the current and future needs that our customers have and then being there to solve those needs.”

The company has helped over 5,000 companies across a multitude of industries to keep up with a dynamic business environment and reach high levels of efficiency and productivity. “For customers in almost any industry now, agility is so critical” says Seal. “The ability to adapt quickly to market variability and customer demands is the competitive differentiator for our clients, and automation plays a key role in helping them get there.”

Blytheco is the premier business software implementer for market-leading products like Sage and NetSuite. Representing a diverse set of products (over 100) means that Blytheco is uniquely positioned to help clients objectively evaluate the right solution for their specific needs.
They offer a complementary assessment service in which they work with clients to document current business operations and then design a roadmap for moving forward. Their client Yardney Water Management illustrates the benefits of this service, called “bly: Optimize.” After going through the assessment process with Blytheco, Yardney quickly saw a 75 percent boost in inventory accuracy, a 25 percent increase in utilization of their ERP system, and real-time KPIs that help them make faster, better business decisions.

Serving companies for over 34 years, Blytheco has been recognized with hundreds of industry awards, reflecting the trust they have earned from industry experts and their peers. Despite these accolades, the company stays focused on their priorities: their customers and team members. Seal says, “Our priority each day is Lori Seal absolutely around continuing to ensure that we have the best products for our customer base and that we have the best people to support those products.”

Companies who are looking to take their business to the next level of success can learn more about the benefits of a Modern ERP solution, their complementary assessment and roadmap design service at

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Blytheco Modern ERP

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