BMBY Software Systems: The Amazon of Real Estate

Mark Zeevi, Founder
Would you buy, rent, or sell real estate online? I believe the time is upon us. Israeli high-tech company BMBY Software Systems, founded by former Israeli Defense Force High Command Officer Mark Zeevi created DREAMS, the most innovative tool for the purchase or rental of real estate online. Chairman, Mark Zeevi simply states, “Imagine the power of applying Israeli Air Force high tech to real estate from the fundamentals of flight simulators of the prestigious IDF.” BMBY Software Systems developed DREAMS, an application that is set to bring about a revolution in the real estate industry. Transforming the selling, buying, and renting experience by leveraging augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, DREAMS provides us a visual image of properties rendered in real-time. This means that instead of visiting a property location and coming out with only a brochure or a booklet, buyers can now view and examine every inch of the property on an application that can be downloaded from any smart device. As some of you may understand, potential buyers can only remember a few details about the property they visited. Thanks to BMBY, their new application allows them to revisit the location time and again at their leisure and easily make an informed decision before committing to a deal.

With their abundance of knowledge and background in technology, BMBY Software Systems has made developers and realtors also gain more control over the sales and rental process, as they can track what their clients are seeing at any given time and determine their interest. Lastly, DREAMS enables your sales team to present properties in an unparalleled fashion and to manage the sales, rentals, and leads with impeccable skill. “It is a concept to make customers fall in love with the properties they see,” adds David Chamay, Managing Director of BMBY Software Systems, the engine behind DREAMS.

Imagine the power of applying Israeli Air Force high tech to real estate

In addition, a constant increase in competition and information is making it difficult for a real estate company to track, reach, and engage potential clients. Often, a salesman prioritizes a hot lead that seldom turns into an actual sale. Following BMBY Software’s motto ‘leads to deals,’ they created a web-based AI - CRM system, to curtail this issue. Many businesses in real estate are in pursuit of a solution that can pave the way for higher lead generation and conversion. BMBY is here, addressing this urgent need of real estate developers and brokers, offering an increase of up to 32 percent in lead conversion.

“In creating this unique platform, we applied our extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate business and combined it with cutting edge application development technology,” says Mark Zeevi of BMBY. He also goes on to state, “the better the technology here, the more effective and competitive position our clients will have.”

BMBY Software Systems has been operating in the real estate project management space for 15 years. They currently dominate the Israeli market with a staggering 85 percent share and with over 30,000 users in 28 countries worldwide. Recently, BMBY has established a new headquarters in New York and plans to further expand to the West Coast, Canada, and eventually Latin America. While the real estate industry lacks technological innovation, with BMBY Software Systems, it can take a huge leap toward redefining its end-to-end operations and management.

BMBY Software Systems

Mark Zeevi, Founder

BMBY Software Systems brings their clients with cutting edge administration and marketing solutions for all of their real estate necessities. Working with local and international clients they have the capability to develop software for any real estate project. The company's systems also provide solutions tailored to their individual client's needs. Modernized, efficient, and transparent software provided by BMBY will improve project cash flow, management, organization, and loss mitigation. Their software solutions can bring the most accurate and up to date project status and management capabilities to their clients anywhere in the world