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“Everybody knows what they’re paying per click on their copiers. But nobody has a grasp of what they’re paying on a printer,” notes Brian Flartey, Director of Sales at Superior Office Systems, Inc. The Edison, NJ and Cherry Hill, NJ based company are experts in providing a diverse range of managed print services (MPS) plans that provide measurable cost reductions and increased operational efficiency for their clients. Phil Blank, President of Superior, adds that, “understanding their printing environment and its associated costs is one of the major challenges that today’s organizations face. We help simplify the landscape and are able to streamline customers’ business processes and increase their productivity.”

Locally-owned, locally-operated and independent, Superior delivers a level of service and support that many in the industry are struggling with. “Every company says that they have the best service,” notes Blank. “But at Superior, we have a scientific method to capture feedback from our present customers. We’ve found that over 90 percent of them report that they’d be ‘Extremely likely’ to recommend our services to a friend or colleague. We’re very proud of that.”

With offices in Central and Southern New Jersey, Superior provides complete coverage of the New Jersey, New York City, and South-Eastern Pennsylvania marketplaces. Their customers span from legal, to healthcare, to manufacturing, to government, to non-profits—and more. The company provides a consultative approach which often doesn’t involve replacing all—or sometime even any—of their clients’ present printers. And unlike most of their competitors, Superior is willing to take on an MPS challenge of any size.

According to Blank, “Our goal is to drive down our customers’ costs, while at the same time increasing their productivity and efficiency. This allows us to look at all aspects of our customer’s printing environment. We only recommend replacing printers when replacement is financially justified.” Superior follows a comprehensive and intelligent methodology. First, they interact with the key stakeholders, followed by a full assessment of the customer’s current devices and print volume. Superior’s team then develops and tailors a program to show the customer where, what, and how they can streamline their printing infrastructure. The total package is normally able to save their customers between 20 to 30 percent off of their current print costs.

Our goal is to drive down our customers’ costs, while at the same time increasing their productivity and efficiency

Looking back on a customer of Superior’s with 89 different printer models, Flartey mentions how they were storing the same number of different cartridges in their supply closets. Superior uncovered that many of their printers had gone obsolete and a large quantity of their toner had gone unused. The client’s IT department was tasked with overseeing the toners and repairs of the machines. If a printer experienced a problem, the most common solution was to throw it away and buy a new one.

With Superior’s MPS solution the client’s printer fleet was cut by more than half, eliminating the oldest and least efficient models. They were put on an auto toner replenishment program, eliminating the need for toner storage or IT oversight of toner stock. Maintenance and service is now handled 100 percent by Superior’s trained techs, significantly saving the IT staff’s time. Superior provides a single, predictable bill that covers every aspect of the company’s printers. “We helped the client completely redefine their printing environment. We tremendously simplified what had previously been a nightmare for the users, the IT department, and the bottom line of the company. Even though we’re now slowly replacing and standardizing the fleet, we did it all without replacing a single printer,” boasts Flartey.

The success of Superior’s MPS program continues to grow, as organizations are starting to realize the many benefits that Superior provides. “We added half a million clicks to our print management fleet. So that was a milestone for us,” states Flartey. “All of our customers, regardless of their size, can benefit from having us manage their print infrastructure,” concludes Blank.

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Bob Beauchamp, CEO

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