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Raymond Smith, President
At a time when cloud computing was turning into an emerging global trend, BNW Consulting was at the forefront of leading many of the earliest SAP cloud migrations. With over two decades of SAP consulting experience, the company today is helping enterprises morph their legacy SAP systems into the latest generation and cloud-based SAP S/4HANA solution without having to commit to the complex and expensive business transformation initiatives. BNW deftly leverages its unique SAP ECC to S/4 HANA conversion approach to streamline clients’ journey toward the next-generation SAP software. The result: clients run their SAP solutions in a modern way and achieve improved operations at low cost.

Over the years, BNW has perfected its standardized and automated approach for SAP conversion and cloud migration. The company’s seasoned SAP experts who have SAP & cloud certifications add further value to the services they offer. They have created scores of intellectual properties, which the clients can use internally to gain insights on the best practices. “Along with a deep hands-on experience, our automation-based approach for designing, building, and testing the systems provides us an edge of quality,” explains Raymond Smith, President BNW North America. Marked with quality system design and automation, their services drive high systems availability, improved disaster recovery as well as backup and restore, and easy deployment of SAP systems. BNW’s bespoke and holistic array of services can be deployed in any industry, whether they are using SAP as a core technology for their critical processes or not. “Our strategic business model allows us to follow the sun and serve the clients on a global scale.” Stefan Baumann, Director for Consulting Services & Operations adds.

As SAP has announced that it will end its support for the legacy SAP systems at the end of 2025, SAP customers need to speed up their transition to the latest version. Helping these companies to this end, BNW offers managed services through which SAP is offered as a PaaS platform.
Stefan Baumann, Director of Consulting Services and Operations
Through the platform, clients can use SAP just like a Salesforce or Google platform where they can develop and configure their own applications, without frittering time and resources on system maintenance.

A robust and long-term collaboration with both SAP and Microsoft enables BNW to cater to accreditation success, verifications, and complete many training programs for its clients. The company’s gold partnership with Microsoft empowers firms with a cost-efficient, flexible, and hyper-scalable cloud framework to optimize their SAP systems.

One of the BNW’s clients, a large chemical manufacturer, approached the company to migrate their SAP solution from on-premise SAP platform to the cloud in a seamless, quick, and cost-effective manner. BNW brought to bear its expertise and knowledge in the domain to see the project through and enable a smooth SAP migration for the client from AIX/Oracle to Windows/SQL hosted on Microsoft Azure. Thanks to BNW, the entire project was delivered in less than 12 weeks that allowed the client to boost its SAP performance, decision-making ability, and the overall performance.

A dedicated SAP services and software partner, BNW also offers SAP PowerConnect for Splunk (, the only SAP-certified SAP to Splunk connector in the market that sends real-time and historic SAP telemetry data to Splunk. The software allows firms to meet security compliance, monitor business process KPIs, and mitigate the constraints in their mission-critical applications.

Besides expanding its managed services capabilities, BNW looks forward to building out the best practices, tools, and automation to cater successful migrations to the latest SAP software systems. The company also plans to further invest in the U.S. and provide a cost-effective and seamless SAP cloud migration in those markets.

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Raymond Smith, President and Stefan Baumann, Director of Consulting Services and Operations

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