Bob eProcure: Making Procurement an Efficient Process

K N VenkatRaju, Director
In the present business environment of financial constraints and budgetary imperatives, organizations are frequently confronting the test of controlling the expense. Sourcing productively prompts expense control and builds investment funds. Companies across industries are recognizing e-Procurement scores over traditional procurement to control costs, derive significant savings, and bring in more transparency, and to take fast and accurate decisions backed by data. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Bob eProcure is a one-stop e-Procurement specialist firm offering technology-enabled platforms, integrated solutions, value-enhancing services that make procurement easy and simple. “We have been looking at ways to evolve e-Procurement, and with the emergence of cloud, we know that this would be the breakthrough. We offer our e-Procurement platforms on the cloud and enable our customers the freedom to use them only on need basis,” says K N VenkatRaju, Director, Bob eProcure.

The company offers procurement solutions, services, and outsourcing. They follow three simple principles— the application has to be very simple and easy to use; it should be equally efficient or better solving the varied procurement needs and cost effectiveness.“We are not the first people trying to give IT solutions to the corporate, all we focus on is filling the gaps with the apt solution to make the overall systems efficient, instead of succumbing to rudimentary solutions,” explains Lakshmi Gadiraju, CEO, Bob eProcure. “Our business is based on automating procurement while also providing flexibility and an ability for organizations to accommodate changes in business processes,” adds Raju.

Bob eProcure delivers customer-centric solutions made to fit and enhance an organization’s procurement process. Their products include: eAuction, a B2B platform for conducting online negotiations that leverage upon the centralized industry knowledge bank and optimize the purchase objectives of the clients.
Lakshmi Gadiraju, CEO
eBuy, a web based procure to Pay tool for connecting the various departments in an organization and provide effective procurement.eRFx/eTenders-another e-Procurement tool that helps to issue/ manage Electronic Requests for Information (eRFI) / Requests for Proposal (eRFP) or Requests for Quote (RFQ) inviting suppliers to submit responses via the internet on a secure web site.

The company also provides Commodity Procurement Solution catering to a wider market for the state or federal department concerned to procure and a better opportunity to sell and realize value. They automate the complete process and provide end-to-end solution under one roof. “Our intent to pay solutions completely automates the requisition process.We automate the complete process and provide end to end solution under one roof, complete with financial tracking,” adds Gadiraju. A fitting example is how Bob eProcure has a solution which can transform the process in a society helping the farmers to sell their produce. The society provides grant to individual who buy their daily produce for selling in the markets and these grants are to be repaid by the individuals in a period of 12 / 24 / 36 months, creating unmanageable data. The company supposed that since the individuals were getting the money after a long process, the siloed work could be made into an integrated process. Hence, streamlining the process where the individual could bring the produce to the market, the buyer could negotiate the price and generate the payment through bank, making it easier for the individual to gain the money and repay the loan, resulting in the individual’s saved time.

For the days to come, the company wants to develop a set of tools for their customers to use in their e-Procurement process and provide predictive analysis. “We want organizations to associate the name e-Procurement with BOB eProcure”, concludes Raju.

Bob eProcure

Bangalore, India

K N VenkatRaju, Director and Lakshmi Gadiraju, CEO

Bob eProcure is a procurement specialist firm catering to small, medium,and large enterprises in addressing all their needs on the procurement activities and services