BOLD: Making a Difference in Jobseekers' Lives

Doug Jackson, co-CEO
“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

This phrase by American author, Dr. Seuss, rings true in today’s ultra-competitive job market, where it’s key for a candidate to make a good first impression to get their foot in the door. Capturing the attention of recruiters and sticking in their memories is becoming more critical and harder than ever before. To that end, it is just not enough to “Frankenstein” together a cover letter from the various bits and pieces one finds online.


Because hiring managers have seen it all before! A well-written cover letter is just as important as an impressive résumé because it can demonstrate an individual’s initiative and paint a compelling picture of how a jobseeker’s skills and experience displayed on the resume can get the job done described in a job ad. In addition, it provides glimpses into a person’s work personality that a list of achievements can’t. In short, the cover letter is the ‘door-opener,’ ‘conversation-starter,’ and the first impression for hiring managers. Ergo, it is important to draft a document that expands on the information in the resume, offering insights into the qualities that make an individual a great fit for a particular job.

On that front, a company that is helping jobseekers make their jobs, careers, and workplaces better through its award-winning AI-powered resume and cover letter builder is BOLD. Jamie Freundlich, co-CEO, BOLD, says, “In the HR tech space, we sit on the jobseeker’s side of the equation. We take pride in being a jobseeker’s ally.”

Creating a Winning Document

Looking for a job in itself is a complex task: scouring through countless online job listings, spiffing up the résumé, prepping for grueling interviews…the list goes on. For many, the most challenging part of the process is drafting an effective cover letter. “Not many know how to sell themselves on paper or write a tailored cover letter. And, often, they lack confidence and are under time pressure. This is where we come in and help them write these documents by giving them insights on what looks good on paper and sounds good, what puts them in the best possible light, and so on,” adds Freundlich.

One of the problems recruiters experience with cover letters—according to 73 percent of them—is that they are poorly written. While some individuals might be competent for a particular job, they might either not be good at writing cover letters, or writing about themselves, or finding the right balance. “When people are too self-promoting, it doesn’t work. One of the ways our cover letter builder really helps individuals is by finding the right words to describe who they are and why they are a good fit. Furthermore, it also helps personalize the cover letter to a particular job,” explains Doug Jackson, co-CEO, BOLD.

In fact, according to an industry research report, 83 percent of hiring managers and HR professionals agree with the statement: ‘a great cover letter can make me decide to interview a candidate, even if I don’t think their resume is good enough.’
Jamie Freundlich, co-CEO
Notably, BOLD’s cover letter builder is not just a powerful tool but is also simple to use and operates in 10 different languages. Besides, by offering cover letters that are up to the mark and appropriately formatted, BOLD offers a full suite of jobseeker products that gives them an edge over the competition.

We are in many ways at the beginning of leading a transformation as to what services job seekers need to thrive in the often written about ‘future of work

BOLD has been referred to as the ‘TurboTax’ of the resume and cover letter building space. “Our easy-to-use wizard-driven process helps them craft the perfect documents with AI-powered writing assistance,” asserts Freundlich.

Helping Companies Win the War for Talent

That is not all! When it comes to the recruiter’s side of things, BOLD delivers technology-driven solutions that enable hiring managers to find quality candidates faster. “We help them do their jobs better. Because, if a jobseeker provides a poorly written resume or a cover letter that doesn’t describe what their hard skills are or properly emphasize why they are a good fit for a particular position, it only makes the job of the hiring manager much harder,” informs Jackson. “In other words, we bring in a lot of efficiency on the employer side of the process, ultimately helping them find the best match.”

To date, BOLD has served over 43 million customers reach their professional goals in over 180 countries. BOLD is the brainchild of a pair of technology entrepreneurs obsessed with empowering people to achieve their dreams. “We are in the business of making a difference. We are here to help jobseekers and companies at every step along the way,” states Jackson.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in tremendous volatility and uncertainty, both on the employers’ and jobseekers’ sides. “When we think about the jobseeker side of HR tech, currently there actually isn’t one brand out there that can assist with career document creation, the entire job search journey, and subsequent career management. As the largest resume and cover letter building software company with a mission of transforming work lives, we are in the pole position to serve people throughout their entire career lives. It’s an exciting and massive market opportunity for us as an organization and we are in many ways at the beginning of leading a transformation as to what services job seekers need to thrive in the often written about ‘future of work’ ,”wraps up Freundlich.


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Doug Jackson, co-CEO and Jamie Freundlich, co-CEO

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