Bolste: Goes Beyond Collaboration with Their Outcome- Driven Methodology

Leif Hartwig, CEO and Co-founder
Collaboration has been a mantra used quite often in the business communication space. However, working together means nothing without a consistent focus on outcomes. “Slaying the mass of endless emails is just one of many challenges of streamlining team communication,” according to Leif Hartwig, CEO and Co-founder of Bolste. “Add in the typical daily engagement with other productivity apps, such as Slack and Basecamp, and you have a chaotic feature set without a true, underlying focus on goals.”

This channel-focused mindset has been something that Bolste, since its inception in 2015, has made its mission to change. “We created an easy-to-use, unified platform to optimize interactions within teams and organizations,” says Andrew Bourne, CTO of Bolste. By utilizing what they have coined as their “Outcome-driven Methodology,” Bolste looks beyond collaboration—focusing on the results of working together while getting the most value out of daily interactions. In other words, offering a set of tools that can be used to “orchestrate better outcomes.”

What’s more, for the traditional work collaboration product, scalability can often be an issue. “We built the product utilizing Golang, the same programming language used by tech giants like Google and Twitter,” says Bourne. “The solution was created to scale seamlessly, whether the use case is for an organization of 100 or 10,000. This is a feat that many apps, even those that claim to specialize in enterprise-level communication, simply can’t do.”

What’s more, Bolste’s interaction-focused platform also helps teams to maximize outcomes without the need for app integration. “One of the largest obstacles that growing companies face is limiting the use of ‘rogue apps,’ or the individual adoptions of applications that are unsanctioned by IT,” says Bourne. “We built our product, engineering it with the same familiar functionality of the most widely-used business apps while keeping information unsiloed— in one place, with one login, at one low price.”

“We are more business-friendly, the difference is so substantial,” Bourne adds.

We created an easy-to-use, unified platform to optimize interactions within teams and organizations

“We are people-centric, not product centric. By leveraging an ideal all-in-one workspace like Bolste, organizations can have a complete view of their entire work group, keeping themselves updated with activities within their environment.”

At Bolste, information security comes first. The company leverages a safe and secure architecture with best practices and policies created to minimize the risk of internal and external threats, compromised data, and configuration issues. With a single sign-on feature, the solution also provides better tracking, increased IT compliance, and limits risks of phishing for users.

In addition, Bolste offers video and screen sharing right through the browser, with multiple digital meeting attendees, in one click. With these unique capabilities, organizations can track and manage every project related task, aligning outcomes with less effort and better results. One of Bolste’s clients that provide shipping services wanted to manage their vast array of partnerships, spread across various locations. Leveraging Bolste’s Outcome-driven Methodology—coupled with chat, voice and video features—the client was able to reach their goals, easily interact with stakeholders, and access relevant information, files and documents on demand.

Forging ahead, the company will be driving initiatives like predictive and prescriptive analytics to help users analyze and gain insights from their previous interaction results.

“We’re thinking big, steering ourselves to focus on forward-looking artificial intelligence and helping organizations to manage their jobs with insightful productivity analytics,” says Bourne. “In the end, our biggest goal is to help companies take their businesses to the next level.”


Scottsdale, AZ

Leif Hartwig, CEO and Co-founder and Andrew Bourne, CTO

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