BookingBug: Transforming the customer experience by uniting online and offline channels

Todd Nicholson, CMO
In an era when every day the number of consumers shifting to online shopping and banking is surging, the death knell of the brick and mortar world has become a white noise in the background. The time is now for retailers and financial institutions to buckle up and work toward attracting and retaining more traffic into physical spaces by implementing innovative marketing strategies, advanced multi-channel customer engagement technology, and by enabling consumers to engage in the online or offline channel(s) of their choosing.

This is where BookingBug, one of the most advanced and trusted customer engagement platforms is helping organizations through its multichannel customer engagement software as a service (SaaS) offering, enters the picture. “Our mission is to increase the quality and frequency of the customer engagement experience while enabling companies to grow their business,” says Todd Nicholson, CMO of BookingBug.

The BookingBug omnichannel customer engagement platform targets enterprise customers in three key vertical markets including retail, finance and government agencies around the globe. The company’s platform is hosted in both public and private clouds which ensure that varied business requirements can be addressed aptly. “Nowadays before visiting a retail shop, customers prefer to research a product online. Therefore, retailers need to mark their presence in the digital world to sustain their businesses,” says Nicholson.

BookingBug’s platform allows organizations to elevate the customer experience by connecting the online and offline channels through appointments and events. Its platform is highly customizable and flexible and also includes a queuing component to enhance instore productivity levels and provide an unmatched quality of experience.

By allowing its users to unite their digital and in-branch channels results in the ability to scale and support a large number of transactions and engage more customers.
Having a highly scalable enterprise-grade core engine at the heart of the platform, BookingBug has been architected with security and flexibility in mind, with a scheduling dashboard equipped at the back end.

One of the biggest challenges for any bank or retail store is to manage footfall efficiently during peak hours and events, and it is always safe to expect that the staff might not be able to keep each of the customers adequately engaged. BookingBug is a solution to meet such challenges and provides organizations with the ability to engage each customer in an easier and efficient manner. By providing a better communication facility, driving staffing efficiencies and business outcomes the company helps its clients to generate higher revenue and increase overall productivity in brick and mortar environments.

Our mission is to increase customer engagement and quality of experience and enable organizations to grow their business

Global retailer, LEGO, by using BookingBug has revolutionized the overall omnichannel experience it offers to its customers. The BookingBug platform allows the retailer to streamline and automate the booking process for their Mosaic Maker experience across their stores globally. LEGO’s store experience is now optimized with the in-store concierge app, enabling associates to spend time focusing on providing a great customer experience rather than admin tasks.

Extending beyond retail chains, BookingBug also marks its presence in the banking and financial sector by making in-branch and telephone appointments an easy process. “It’s all about driving productivity of an in-branch experience and also about understanding and enhancing customer interactions,” says Nicholson.


Boston, MA

Todd Nicholson, CMO

BookingBug is a SaaS based omnichannel customer engagement platform designed to drive quality of experience for end customers and business outcomes for retail, finance and government customers