Boomtown: Enhancing Support Services through Collaboration

Alfred, “Chip” Kahn IV, Founder and CEO
Wireless technology and cloud software are transforming the way people operate their brick-and-mortar businesses today. “From POS systems, payment processing, and guest WiFi to telecommunication networks, technology has enveloped every aspect of main street businesses,” says Alfred ‘Chip’ Kahn IV, Founder and CEO of Boomtown. The advancement of technology, however, is creating greater complexity. In a connected network environment, business owners face the challenge of determining who to call when something breaks. Meanwhile, technology providers, their distribution partners and other vendors lack an efficient way to collaborate in order to service their shared customer. Boomtown, an expert in support, is tackling these predicaments and provides a seamless support experience through innovative software solutions and managed services.

According to Kahn, “Almost 30 percent of technical issues are self-diagnosed and misdirected to the wrong helpdesk.” Boomtown’s unique approach leverages context-rich support data and artificial intelligence to accurately predict the cause of a problem and direct the conversation to the support team best placed to help. Additionally, by engaging all of a business’s technology providers on a single powerful platform, Boomtown facilitates greater collaboration across organizations and drives faster issue resolution.

Boomtown Connect, as the name suggests, is a cross-platform application that allows businesses to get help from all of their technology providers in one place. The application incorporates conversational automation via bots to immediately answer simple questions over chat and for more complex issues, a support agent can take over and chat or launch a video call to solve the problem. Connect also enables individuals to invite support teams from multiple organizations into a single conversation to better collaborate and find quick resolutions. In situations where a problem cannot be fixed remotely, Connect allows businesses to request an on-site visit by a certified local technician with a single click. Kahn says, “This dramatically improves customer satisfaction and retention for technology providers.”

Field agents completing on-site jobs can manage their tasks and collaborate with technology suppliers through Boomtown’s Tool box application.

Almost 30 percent of technical issues are self-diagnosed and misdirected to the wrong helpdesk

From accepting new jobs to tracking progress and recording completion, Toolbox synchronizes data and workflows with Boomtown’s centralized support platform, called Relay, to facilitate a comprehensive end-to-end customer experience.

Relay, according to Kahn is the “backbone of the entire support system.” The platform provides an ecosystem where tickets can be shared within or across organizations to facilitate collaboration. Relay’s data analytics and machine learning capabilities help disambiguate the information to be shared and present it in a context that is intelligible to service providers, further speeding up the support process.

In addition to offering dynamic support software, Boomtown also delivers remote and on-site managed services. Kahn elucidates how one of their clients resolved deployment challenges using Boomtown’s services. A leading payment processing company in the U.S. suffered major issues while activating services for new customers. The company experienced long delays in deploying their product and nearly 30 percent of their customers never activated. “Utilizing our business support software and seamless service add-ons, the client drastically reduced the time to activation, decreased activation failures by 50 percent, and, ultimately, reduced costs and increased revenue,” says Kahn.

Looking forward, Boomtown intends to continue upgrading its solutions to bring smart automation to everyday enterprise work, further reducing resolution times while delivering exceptional customer experiences. “We see a future of proactive support where businesses will be automatically alerted of issues or will simply use a smartphone’s rear camera to identify device or software, analyze the problem, and immediately initiate an automated troubleshooting process,” concludes Kahn.


Tiburon, CA

Alfred, “Chip” Kahn IV, Founder and CEO

Delivers exceptional support experience to business customers through software solutions and managed services