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Kara Jensen, Creative Principal
A company’s website is its online storefront, irrespective of whether or not it functions as an e-commerce store. Websites hold the power to create the first impression about a company and therefore designing an attractive and compelling website is vital for every company. Kara Jensen, creative principal of Bop Design, a B2B web design company, states, “Creating effective websites isn’t just a work of aesthetics.” Apart from being attractive and contemporary, a website should also be well-organized, easy to navigate, functional, and designed to motivate visitors to do business with a company. Focused on fulfilling these needs, San Diego, CA-based Bop Design provides comprehensive web design, content marketing, and branding services for B2B companies.

Unlike the B2C company model, the sales cycle for a B2B company extends over longer timelines and involves multiple decision makers, emphasizing the importance of brand messaging and content promotion. “Most potential clients visit a firm’s website multiple times before approaching the company for business,” mentions Jensen. A website, therefore, must effectively highlight a company’s thought leadership and be a true reflection of the organizational culture. Bop Design understands and implements these aspects within their website blueprint.

When it comes to architecting a successful web presence, Bop Design’s goal is to empower companies by creating a website that is a vital lead generation tool. Once the website design is complete, Bop Design engages clients in long-term content marketing to maximize the full potential of the website and strengthen the clients’ marketing efforts to bring in more prospective customers. Practicing what they preach, Jensen says, “Bop Design does not have a direct sales team and all our leads come through our website. Our goal is to create websites that act as 24/7 sales resource.”

The website building process starts with creative discovery, where Bop Design examines the overall profile of a company, their target market, industry leaders, and direct competitors.

When it comes to architecting a successful web presence, Bop Design’s goal is to empower companies by creating a website that is a vital lead generation tool

Simultaneously, Bop Design also identifies the client’s requirements, business challenges, and their primary marketing and sales objectives. Following the discovery stage, Bop Design lays out the content plan—which includes company messaging, site map, and layout, and proceeds to design the website. “One of the key elements for us in this entire process is content,” says Jensen. Consumers today are inundated with scores of content from the web, social media, emails, and text messages. To cut through all that noise and gain the attention of a potential visitor, website content must be clear and concise. Distinguishing from conventional web design agencies, Bop Design advocates a “content-first” approach with a strong focus on search engine optimization.

Bop Design uses WordPress, a popular open-source content management system, to create and manage a custom backend for their clients’ websites, providing them with additional flexibility to add, remove, or update information at will. “Some clients utilize the backend to assemble case study libraries, resource sections, or even business directories,” she adds.

According to Jensen, most companies today do not utilize their website to its fullest extent for generating sales due to lack of expertise. Bop Design views this as an added boon for further penetrating into the web development market and catering to a greater audience. Striding ahead with their matchless approach to treat websites as “sales funnels,” Bop Design aspires to seize greater market share globally and create compelling website and content marketing strategies that generate and nurture ideal client leads.

Bop Design

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Kara Jensen, Creative Principal

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