Borqs: Simplifying IoT through Targeted Android Solutions

George Thangadurai, SVP & President of International Business
The burgeoning implementation of compute, connectivity, sensors, and geolocation capabilities has broadened Android adoption beyond just smartphones and tablets. Casting its spell on almost every industry, Android-based IoT applications are poised to dominate globally as it did in mobile. Leading this innovation trend is Borqs, a connected wireless products and cloud solutions company, delivering end-to-end solutions for various industry verticals. “We design, develop and commercialize customized IoT solutions for different vertical applications ranging from traditional data enabled devices to non-traditional ruggedized, automotive IVI, wearables, smart home appliances, point of sale et al., delivered in targeted form factors ,” says George Thangadurai, SVP, President of International Business, Borqs.

Since inception, Borqs has excelled in customizing Android to perfection based on customer requirements. “As a Google partner, it was about seven years ago that Borqs customized Google’s Android for the Chinese market ensuring that the software is carrier-ready to be integrated with Chinese services,” proclaims Thangadurai. As a strategic partner of Qualcomm and Intel, Borqs delivers advanced capabilities in computing and connectivity across devices of varying form factors. The company aims at reducing the complexities in IoT adoption for non-traditional companies while enabling innovation at the chipset level to foster vertical-specific connected devices. “Borqs has a proven track record in design, development, product realization of IoT solutions based on leading chipsets and Android, along with E2E connectivity services. Our global presence enables closer collaboration with our customers.”

Borqs is a platform company in its DNA with Android based platforms optimized for different category of devices & cloud services platform. Its ability to integrate Android in diverse environments encompassing networking, sensors, multiple I/O interfaces, security, payments, and manageability, is its key differentiator. “Our deep knowledge of the chipsets due to our partnership with Intel & Qualcomm, our strong IP portfolio built over many years and our experienced HW & SW teams are the tool kits. Our solutions are currently used by operators, OEMs, enterprises, consumers, automobile, restaurants, defense, and governments,” highlights Thangadurai.

With our proven Android module and framework, customers can achieve faster TTM deployments and monetize data analytics from cloud-enabled edge devices operating in diverse environments

At the heart of Borqs’ IoT platform is its modular M2M architecture based on Android. With support for 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-LE, the Android module helps in building innovative and tailored solutions. “With our proven Android module and framework, customers can achieve faster TTM deployments and monetize data analytics from cloud-enabled edge devices operating in diverse environments,” says Thangadurai. In one instance, Borqs has partnered with a truck fleet company to develop customized phones. The phone reports important data like the route & deliveries enabling the company to optimize their operations.

Borqs’ broad portfolio includes Borqs Managed Cloud™, Borqs IVI™, Borqs Street™, Borqs Home™. Through its unified cloud platform, Borqs Managed Cloud™, the company integrates the IoT-enabled devices and delivers highly efficient, tailored services. Customers can also use the cloud services platform of their choice. BORQS Smart Street™ is a smart city solution for integrating and maintaining road traffic sensors for lighting control. It provides an advertising and billing platform for third-party suppliers to access digital billboards on the roads. BORQS IVI is another offering that provides automotive companies with cloud capabilities for In-vehicle Infotainment Systems (IVI) with multiple navigation services support.

For the future, Borqs’ vision is to become an established leader in IoT platforms by designing and deploying millions of connected devices in various form factors for a plethora of IoT applications across the globe. “We want to have millions of these devices connected to our cloud platform delivering tailored services,” concludes Thangadurai.


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George Thangadurai, SVP & President of International Business

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