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John Lepak, Founder
As the world rapidly shifts towards digitalization, businesses must harness the potential of transformative technologies in their activities, and processes to competitively meet the needs of the modern-day customers. To that end, it is crystal clear that the performance of the enterprise facilities has a significant impact on their position in the market. As the healthcare industry, for instance, shifts towards value-based population health with mega-sized, nontraditional health systems, it continues to grapple with regulatory uncertainty and increasing cost per patient. In such a scenario, whether it’s the need to drive cost reduction, meet regulatory requirements or induce changes in patient care delivery models, the effectiveness of a medical facility management program is crucial for high-quality, cost-effective patient care. Deemed as one of the most sophisticated and censored environments, hospitals are in dire need of a solution to optimize their facilities, and manage the sensors via centralized building management systems (BMS). This is where Building Optimization Systems (B.O.S.) Technology steps in.

B.O.S. Technology is governed by a mission to defragment censored environments, and enable facility managers to better monitor and optimize their facilities in real-time with budget-friendly solutions. B.O.S. Technology offers a centralized, easy-to-use BMS that leverages machine learning for effective compliance automation, data analytics, and remote monitoring of facilities across multiple locations. In order to eliminate human interaction, the company’s BMS taps into the sensors within a facility, autonomously accumulates information on the cloud, and formats recording reports for smart facility optimization. The company’s BMS functions as a highly scalable network with a hierarchy effect, controlling the visibility of facility information across various levels of users. The highly-scalable network infrastructure combined with the firm’s ability to supply or integrate with existing third-party sensors/devices helps reduce implementation timelines. “Our software is not command-based, which enables the system to scale between formats to procure information on multiple devices, look at historical graphs, and generate compliance reports,” states John Lepak, Founder of B.O.S. Technology.
B.O.S. Technology begins its solution deployment process by interacting with the clients on site and learning their operational pain-points before presenting them with a general set of facility management solutions. The company’s experienced team conducts a thorough survey of the clients’ sites and taps into various sensors within their facilities. Using the highly networked facilities, the team then harvests the data from the sensors and transfers the information to a cloud platform for extensive analysis. With the clients’ site plans, B.O.S. Technology develops interactive maps on compelling dashboards to provide the clients’ C-level employees with full visibility into their building plans.

In addition to catering managed services, the firm goes an extra mile by creating hierarchies within the BMS and guiding C-level executives control/isolate the alerts they receive. B.O.S. Technology’s commissioning process allows the clients to set data access restrictions on the BMS installed for maximum security. “We physically record this bulk of information stored in the BMS to reap its benefits, and also perform remote monitoring and troubleshooting of the system,” adds Lepak.

B.O.S. Technology’s BMS autonomously monitors hospital environmental data in real-time and reports it to the concerned governing body. As John puts it, instead of hospitals assigning a full-time employee to walk around and record information within a facility physically, the same employee can be re-appropriated to perform other tasks. B.O.S. Technology’s upcoming application—Indoor GPS—will enable hospitals to track their personnel/staff and efficiently dispatch them in response to an event. Not resting on its laurels, B.O.S. Technology is all set to drive facility management innovation in the healthcare space with computer image recognition, and asset tracking features. “We strive to offer budget-friendly solutions that provide substantial ROIs with a unique business model, allowing the client to enter into a service based contract paying monthly as opposed to front loaded capital intensive contracts; this generally helps our clients to realize their ROIs from day one,” Lepak concludes.

BOS Technology

Orlando, FL

John Lepak, Founder

To defragment censored environments, and help facility managers monitor and optimize their commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities at reduced costs

BOS Technology