Boston Technology: Offering End-to End Java Development Services

Jayas Damodaran, CEO
For the past few years, Java has established and matured itself as a technology serving various verticals like enterprise mobility, telecom, and finance. Unlike other approaches that often tend to restrict developments into a single proprietary hardware and software platform, Java enables utilization of codes across multiple platforms through its cross-platform portability. Besides, Java also emphasizes on security, robustness, database awareness and scalability. Use of Enterprise Java environment facilitates significant advantages by shrinking project intricacies and providing a strong enterprise platform to drive business. Boston Technology Corporation (BTC) has a vivid experience in Java frameworks, web services, scripting languages, and User Interface (UI) design which when combined with their flexible development approach helps clients to focus better on business and technology needs.

“Our company’s development team handles complex applications, SaaS enablement, customization of the existing Java applications, features, performance optimization, system integration, and technology migration, in different domains,” states Jayas Damodaran, CEO, BTC. The firm’s offering spans across multifarious realms such as insurance, ecommerce, finance, hospitality, medical devices and healthcare. The Java development service can customize applications to offer end-to-end services. It helps migration of legacy application and development of web applications, customizes third party applications, integrates systems, and enhances an application by refactoring, replatforming, supporting, and maintaining it.

The complex applications of BTC, with end to end development, range across various layers. The team works with open-source persistent frameworks that manipulate content and data in the persistence layer. Alongside, these frameworks also accelerate integration of the database to application logic and workflows. A persistence layer helps to achieve stable performance and interoperability using WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, XML/XML Schema and HTTP specifications. Object-relational mapping validates easier decoding and code maintenance, saving time and effort, application flexibility to accommodate code modifications, replacement of underlying database, and the access mode with minimum effort reusability with multiple apps accessing the same database code, and quick development by division of development tasks.

Our company’s development team handles complex applications, SaaS enablement, customization of the existing Java applications

The business logic layer is where the entire processing takes place before data is sent to the presentation layer. Isolating this layer from other application code leads to improved performance, easy configuration and maintenance, scalability, reusability, extensibility and robustness. Finally, in the Presentation layer, the firm's proficiency in jQuery, AJAX, JSF, GWT, Flex, and Spring frameworks help them to deliver intelligent and easy-to-use user interfaces for customer applications.

The team of BTC overcome the challenge of rendering sophisticated, interactive, and user-friendly User IDs (UIDs) and enshrouds business complexity by incorporating innovative and intuitive display elements that support dynamic data visualization, context driven controls and cross perform layouts. In one instance, BTM assisted a client in the ecommerce domain to create a website using an agile approach to enhance the client's shopping site using Tridon as the Content Management System (CMS). BTM used mootols as a JavaScript Framework and Microsoft.NET reporting services to deliver reports to the sales team. The solution helped the client to manage the shopping site efficiently and increase sales of the products.

With the passage of time, BTC’s mission is to remain focused on improvising their solutions with the help of Java and work on projects of variable sizes, budget, and technologies to deliver quality solutions. “Whether it is leveraging what mobility has to offer or optimizing your web applications that you need help with, our domain and technical experts are always there to help,” Damodaran concludes.

Boston Technology

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Jayas Damodaran, CEO

Providing deep experience in Java frameworks, web services, scripting languages and UI design combined with flexible development approach