Boston Technology Corporation: Mobility Solutions to Drive Enterprise and Customer Value

Jayas Damodaran, CEO Shyam Deval, President
The advancement of technology has enabled mobility applications to evolve beyond their original use-cases and provide more functionality. Most enterprises today have multiple apps active within their ecosystem. Developing, deploying and updating these apps is often a challenging task, and enterprises have realized the need for a unified view into their mobility initiatives. Boston Technology Corporation, a Massachusetts-based firm is at the forefront of delivering mobility solutions for enterprises.

Boston Technology Corporation's host of offerings is designed to augment the mobility initiatives of their clients. The company carries out an initial assessment of their client’s mobility status before generating a report that goes onto creating a cohesive and actionable strategy for the future. “Our clients have the freedom to choose the right services to carry their mobility agenda forward,” says Shyam Deval, President of Boston Technology. Partnered with IBM and SAP, the company brings its deep expertise in mobile application development, testing, and management to help clients achieve better ROI on the mobility initiatives.

With the IBM MobileFirst Studio platform, Boston Technology creates multi-platform applications with a seamless back-end integration that draws data from a variety of sources like enterprise CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. The platform aids developers by supporting multiple integration technologies and back-end systems that facilitate faster app deployment. Equipped with an array of well-designed features of IBM MobileFirst, like the ability to manage connections to the mobile app, data security, field testing, and offline/online synchronization, Boston Technology is able to offer its customers great solutions to their clients’ enterprise mobility challenges.
Sales 360, a flagship offering from BTC is a mobile application that collates key information collated from CRMs, ERPs, and other back end systems such as an IBM Mainframe. With two flavors of the application—one designed on IBM MobileFirst and the other on SAP-based Mobile Platform, Sales 360 can seamlessly help ‘mobile’ Sales Managers in analyzing opportunities, pipeline reports, closing ratios, and creating an actionable plan to help meet sales objectives.
At Boston Technology, a huge emphasis is given to User Experience (UX) design. The adoption rate of any enterprise app depends a lot on how easy and convenient the apps are to use. Employing a team of highly experienced UX designers, BTC creates enterprise apps that match the experience provided by the multiple consumer apps on the market.

Our app-related services are delivered through a very flexible and innovative delivery model that is designed to provide maximum value to our customers

Apart from UX design and creation of client applications, Boston Technology also takes care of the complete lifecycle management of the app. It ensures that the apps are kept updated and bug-free on a regular basis. The firm also believes in looking at both long-term and short-term outcomes while developing the applications for its clients. This strategy helps strengthen the bond between the clients and Boston Technology even after the release of the app.“Further, our app-related services are delivered through a very flexible and innovative delivery model that is designed to provide maximum value to our customers,” says Shyam .
The Boston Technologies’ road map is designed to ensure that the firm remains flexible to adapt to the dynamic market changes without compromising on its innovations. For this purpose, the company keeps its team of innovators updated with the latest tools and technology. “In the changing mobility landscape, it is essential to adapt quickly and remain well equipped to come out on top,” concludes Shyam

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Jayas Damodaran, CEO Shyam Deval, President

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