Boundless: Geospatial Data to Power Enterprise Spatial IT Applications

Ann Johnson, CEO
Today, real-time data management and collaboration are undoubtedly the key points that invite attention of CIOs in every industry. When it comes to the extra-sensitive de¬fense environment, CIOs are in constant lookout for solutions that provide round-the-clock, consistent and real-time location-based intelligence, commonly known as Spatial IT. Headquartered in New York, Boundless has been partner of choice for multiple commercial organizations when it comes to developing and sup¬porting the powerful software for Spatial IT applications. “We develop spatial infrastructure that allow CIOs to iterate the data in real time and offer tools to defense analysts to visualize spatial data about the ongoing military operations,” says Ann Johnson, CEO, Boundless.

Designed to bring spatial information into modern work¬flows, OpenGeo Suite, the company’s flagship product, provides a complete platform for unlocking intelligence from geospatial data. “It is a full geospatial open source software stack that helps you easily compose, style, publish, and manage maps with associ¬ated data,” declares Ann. With its agnostic architecture, users can supply information across web browsers, desktops, and mobile devices. It reduces the cost and time of deployment and manage¬ment of spatial software including packaging, support, mainte¬nance, professional services, and training. “We not only provide the best geospatial tools to develop the best spatial applications, but we also make building with these tools accessible to users of all skill levels,” says Ann.

OpenGeo Suite is emerging as a crucial element in manag¬ing geospatial data for defense. Military agencies with missions to provide online and on-demand access to geospatial data use OpenGeo Suite to build web mapping architectures with focus on data and services to provide GEOINT. As an open source tool, OpenGeo Suite conforms with NGA requirements such as OGC standards to ensure the flexibility that enables the Department of Defense to respond more rapidly to changing situations, missions, and future threats.

Apart from Defense, Boundless also serves many other sectors. In one instance, they have helped one of the largest and most technically sophisticated urban water systems in the U.S to create a centralized repository for comprehensive detail of infrastructures and operations. With the help of OpenGeo Suite, the client was able to create and deploy an effective internal web GIS portal.
Boundless also offers Versio, a data management and collaborative platform specifically for spatial data. The platform is built to extend GeoGig, a distributed version control system (DVCS) specifically designed to handle geospatial data online. The plat¬form transforms the way organizations collaborate, control, and share their spatial data. “We are heavily investing on our Versio platform to extend online spatial capabilities,” notes Ann. Versio’s distributed versioning model and repository data structure enables new approaches to collaboration and data management. Its private data platform allows customers to update data in real-time and have asset control in a cloud driven environment.

For the road ahead, Boundless is focused on the ability to bring additional Spatial IT capabilities into the cloud. The com¬pany is building a private cloud version that will best suit the needs of defense sector. Additional emphasis on supporting cloud environments will enable OpenGeo Suite to extend full support to other platforms, including mobile.

We not only develop the best open source geospatial software, but also teach to use with online and onsite instruction for all skill levels

CIOs should be looking to Spatial IT technologies, whether on-premise or in the cloud, to enhance their business intelligence and unlock value from geospatial data. OpenGeo Suite from Boundless has established itself as the open-source platform of choice for organizations seeking to enhance their businesses based on their geospatial information.


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Ann Johnson, CEO

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