BOXX Technologie: Enabling High Performance Media Applications

Tim Lawrence, Founder & VP-Engineering and Operations
In the media space today, consumers are being enticed by 4K, high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) TV with multiple features to display high-resolution videos and 3D movies. Consequently, the media and entertainment industry has to setup expensive studios and hardware systems in order to create content for movies and commercials. Numerous software vendors like Autodesk and Solid Angle offer high-end applications in 3D modeling, animation, and graphic content creation. These processes demand specific hardware configurations requiring workstations with high frequency GPUs, processors and graphic cards which in turn drives productivity and performance in order to maximize ROI and deliver quality visual contents.

BOXX Technologies, based in Austin, TX, offers high-performance workstations and rendering systems for film and television, game development, visual effects, animation, product design, engineering, and architectural visualization. “Content creators are our primary focus and we study what their software application requirements are in order to develop optimal hardware products to run those applications,” says Tim Lawrence, Founder and VP of Engineering and Operations, BOXX Technologies.

The company offers optimized solutions for 3D applications like 3DS Max, MAYA, and Cinema4D, which employs a variety of features and tools. The company’s APEXX 2 and APEXX 4 workstations with high frequency CPUs and faster clock speeds quickly run single threaded applications, like 3D modeling and 3D animation, thereby increasing productivity. “The fact that frequencies of the processors drive the performance propelled us to develop liquid cooled systems to seamlessly handle high performance workloads,” explains Lawrence. BOXX systems also offers multiple cores to drastically reduce time required for rendering processes a multi threaded computationally intense task.The firm’s workstations also enable unique and dedicated desk-side rendering solutions like the renderPRO as well as a complete turnkey render farm, enabling content creators to continue productive work while rendering without waiting for it to finish.

BOXX systems also offers multiple cores in order to drastically reduce time required for rendering processes a multi threaded computationally intense task

Additionally the Austin based firm also offers mobile workstations with high-end computing features enabling portable 3D design, scientific computing, and multimedia creation.

BOXX Technologies has helped many customers to overcome hardware issues and improve the quality of performance. In a particular instance, a customer was developing an interactive experience event with Disney characters responding to audience in a theatre through a screen projected in front of them. Behind the screen would be wired actors wearing motion captures who would respond according to audience interaction. The challenge was to be able to use real time rendering to capture the motion of the actors, and then project those motion responses on the screen so that audience could have Disney characters like Nemo and many others interacting with them in real time. BOXX provided the customer with high performance; brand new systems housing multiple GPUs and CPUs, for instant rendering and motion capture respectively, within the same device. By doing so, the different applications were physically divided within one system giving out faster outputs without compromising on quality enabling interactive experience a reality.

The company is focused on developing virtual desktop infrastructure to distance down using new technologies for graphic virtualization and to seamlessly handle challenging performances in the future. Additionally, BOXX Technologies has plans to expand in remote desktop technologies, server based workstations, and cloud based applications

BOXX Technologies

Austin, TX

Tim Lawrence, Founder & VP-Engineering and Operations

Provider of high performance workstations to run high-end media applications

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