BP Logix: Automating Business Processes

Jay O'Brien, CEO Today’s rapidly changing businesses demand process improvements that can be implemented quickly — and deliver demonstrable results. IT departments suffer from application backlog, yet are still asked to provide solutions to process issues. BP Logix addressed that need with software that provides visibility into the underlying processes, the workflows that govern those processes —and requires no coding. Its BPM solution incorporates automated workflows, electronic forms, business rules and predictive analytics to provide the infrastructure companies need to improve business operations.

Predicting a Process Timeline

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Vista, CA BP Logix software facilitates rapid change and process improvement. Its flagship product, Process Director, learns how an organization's processes behave, predicts the impact of changing business conditions on running processes and provides the process intelligence businesses need to make effective and appropriate ecisions.

Any process that is automated will truly reflect how work is actually performed, efficiently or otherwise

If Process Director determines that any future task—or the process as a whole—is in danger of running late, the product can either take direct action or notify a business manager to intercede manually. As a result, Process Director provides users with the earliest possible opportunity to intervene and correct potential issues long before they impact outcomes.

The company is not focused on specific vertical markets, however, has a growing customer representation in pharmaceutical/life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing.

Enabling Users Anywhere Strategy

This strategy enables users to make business decisions and process changes regardless of their location. Using smart phone and tablets users can respond to inquiries and requests in real-time.
"Through its social media integration, customers can drive workflow behavior from social media events including a tweet or Facebook status update; respond to customers via Twitter and manage Facebook campaigns", says Jay O'Brien, CEO. Process Director goes beyond social media management to provide a BPM solution from the service ticket initiated to indicate a pending problem to the response that indicates the problem is being addressed in real-time.

The Customers

The company’s customers include Fortune 1000 companies like Abbott Labs, Bechtel, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, NEC Labs, Rite Aid and Starwood Hotels & Resorts as well as institutions like the National Institute of Mental Health, ITT Educational Institute, colleges and universities. They all respond to changing market, customer, partner and regulatory demands and view BPM as a tool that enables them to do so faster than their competitors.

BPM asserts that before any process can be automated it must be standardized —and any process that is automated will truly reflect how work is actually performed, efficiently or otherwise. BP Logix delivers its product both onsite and through the cloud.

BP Logix

Vista, CA

Jay O'Brien, CEO

A provider of is web-based workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) software designed for business users.

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