BPC Banking Technologies: Providing a Comprehensive Suite of e-payment Solutions

Alexander Belyakov, Head of Business Development
“We believe that modern payments infrastructure should automate and streamline processes, eliminate errors and reduce risks, and provide the ability to launch innovative products,” says Alexander Belyakov, Head of Business Development, BPC Banking Technologies. The fast changing business environment of today creates more than enough challenges for businesses–from new payment methods such as contactless and virtual cards to mobile payments and mobile POS. Leveraging the power of HP platforms– from cost-effective blade servers to large UNIX clusters and HP NonStop— BPC helps customers overcome these challenges.

BPC transforms its customers’ payments businesses by dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership, and delivering a secure, scalable and highly available payments infrastructure to underpin their business. As a long-term partner of HP, the company’s solutions are being offered to HP’s customers as one of carefully selected payment solutions.

BPC’s SmartVista, the flagship payment solution is a full suite of software that transforms the way organization manages electronic payments. SmartVista handles the proliferation of channels, the increasing number of players and the growth of transaction volumes by eliminating concerns around providing fast, efficient and cost-effective payment services to customers. The solutions’ broad range of capabilities effectively support and manage payments across all channels, including POS, branch, internet, and mobile applications. From simple credit and debit cards to sophisticated loyalty programs and multi application smart cards, SmartVista supports all aspects of card management. The software is selected by HP as one of its strategic high performance payments solutions worldwide. One of the largest switch deployments in the world runs SmartVista on HP, processing in excess of 1,500 TPS (transaction per second) at peak volume.
The largest test benchmarked an environment with 100,000 POS devices, 160 million cards and 160 million accounts. During this test SmartVista processed a sustained 6,128 TPS on a 16 CPU NonStop Blade system. “With SmartVista, users on HP NonStop servers can achieve greater support for their business and can make planned purchases of hardware in line with their business growth,” says Alexander. Underlining all the transactions is BPC’s SmartGuard, a fraud prevention solution that monitors 100 percent of transactions in real-time to help organizations deal with the growing problem of online transaction frauds.

BPC’s solutions are known for the innovation they enable and their ability to deliver reliable service regardless of transaction volumes. “BPC is uniquely placed to help customers address tomorrow’s needs today. We do this through a combination of functional coverage, innovative design, modular structure and market leading scalability,” claims Alexander. “We ensure that our customers can deliver what their customers demand—at a price point that is attractive and profitable,” he adds.

The company has helped several financial institutions overcome their transaction related challenges. For instance, with the help of BPC, Banca Transilvania became the first bank in the world to launch a service which provided its customers with the ability to transfer funds from Banca Transilvania ATMs through Western Union’s worldwide network. With the service, customers at an ATM can send and receive domestic and international payments via Western Union’s 385,000 agencies in 200 countries. BPC has also helped Telered, Panama’s largest payment processor in transforming payment infrastructure and introducing new services for 42 financial institutions in Panama, totalling more than 1,500 ATMs.

Moving ahead, BPC will continue to ensure that SmartVista helps its customers deliver the products and services as per specific needs. “We will continue our growth, by introducing new products and expanding our geographical footprint,” concludes Alexander.

BPC Banking Technologies

Miami, FL

Alexander Belyakov, Head of Business Development

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