BPM Vision: Experienced Service Provider for Project and Portfolio Management

Puneet Sodhi, Managing Director
Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) help executives to take informed views on prioritization of project and budget spends. There are a number of solutions for PPM available in the market and it is difficult for the organization on deciding how to implement it. Founded in 2008, BPM Vision is one of the largest professional and highly experienced service providers in the Asia Pacific region for PPM in the field of logistics, financial services, government, and retail. BPM Vision is a gold partner of HP Software and has an extensive domain and process expertise coupled with deep technical know-how and system integration experience of implementing HP’s and other leading software products in the project and portfolio management space.

BPM Vision acts as a single contact for organizations to understand their business and translate the technical jargons of the tool to “human language” and to ensure that the decision to stay invested in HP and future decisions to adopt HP products continues. BPM Vision provides services for a number of HP products like HP PPM Center aimed at enabling organizations make smart investment decisions, HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for managing application lifecycle, HP IT Service Management (ITSM) which integrates and automates service management and HP Quality Center which enables quality control of the IT services. It also has an established expertise in other HP solutions such as HP’s Asset Manager, Agile Manager and server side automation products.

BPM Vision acts as a single contact for organizations, understands their business and translates the technical jargons to ‘human language’

“Many organizations expect their staff to get by with the current tools that they use which are often home grown, unsupported and difficult to scale or access,” says Puneet Sodhi, Managing Director, BPM Vision.
He believes it as a major challenge that companies face while managing projects and portfolios. When Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) was looking for a solution to replace its time consuming portfolio analysis tools, spreadsheets and access databases which was providing limited visibility into their portfolios, they adopted a Business Technology Optimization strategy with HP PPM Center. The implementation was absolutely assisted by BPM. In 18 months, “we have achieved a world-class, industry leading standard in project governance and delivery capability through the creation of a Group-wide project management community,” says Pete Wilson, then Executive Manager, ES Governance and Group IT, CBA.

BPM Vision is also consulting into Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in implementation of HP’s PPM Center. “BPM Vision continues to support and enhance HP’s PPM tool after seeing through the initial implementation of the software as a service at Deloitte six years ago. My people work closely with the dedicated team from BPM Vision. The level of service they provide continues to exceed our expectations.” Says Matt McIntyre, Director of the National Initiatives Office at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

BPM Vision works consistently to give the organization best of its services by reaching outside of its experience and bringing in the best for the organization. “BPM’s own quarterly customer community workshops help to enhance the community’s knowledge of deriving value from practices governing PPM. As a result, a number of professionals continue to approach us and form our databank of consultants from where we recruit as we expand,” explains Sodhi. And since not every organization needs the same level of support at different stages of their journey, BPM Vision provides flexibility and long-term commitments.

“BPM Vision is focusing on bringing complimentary offerings for their customers that strengthen their capabilities in bringing quick ROI,” says Chris Wenban, Director. “This ROI is not in the reduction of headcount, but in the reduction of risk, the ability to make better decisions and the maturing of the organizations ability to ‘change track’ quickly in times of change when strategy and investment needs to change” she concludes.

BPM Vision

Melbourne, Australia

Puneet Sodhi, Managing Director and Chris Wenban, Director

Service provider of vast variety of HP products, especially Project and Portfolio Management across various sectors